Bike News Roundup: 2nd Ave bike lane makes NBC Nightly News

I got a cool email from a reader the other day letting me know that he was stopped by NBC News while biking in the 2nd Ave protected bike lane the other day and interviewed for what ended up being a segment on falling gas prices. Colin Petkus talked about saving money by biking to work, and the 2nd Ave bike lane got a cool shot on national news.

“Not sure where they got that figure about saving $500 a month on parking, though…” he said. Check it out:

Pacific Northwest News

Halftime Show!

There’s something mesmerizing about this time lapse footage of a person driving around Seattle. It’s amazing how much of the city’s detail you lose when you’re on major roads behind a windshield. You only really get glimpses of humanity when the video maker is stopped at stop lights. Obviously part of that is due to the time lapse. But a lot of it is due to the fact that you lose a sense of place when streets become mere pipes for cars.

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12 Responses to Bike News Roundup: 2nd Ave bike lane makes NBC Nightly News

  1. Joseph Singer says:

    “Not sure where they got that figure about saving $500 a month on parking, though…”

    Really? When some garages charge $20/day? If you only work five days that’s $400 a month.

    • Andrew says:

      Some apartment complexes charge quite a lot for a parking spot too. That would be another couple hundred dollars.

  2. pGolay says:

    Hum. Not sure this is great news, long term – low gas prices, that is. Back to buying SUVs….

    • Andrew says:

      possibly. The 1973 gas crisis lead to a long term change in the kinds of cars americans buy, even when gas prices stayed pretty low for decades after. With any luck, most consumers will remember what $4/gallon gas was like for years to come.

      I think auto makers, at least, won’t be so eager to jump on the all-SUVs-all-the-time bandwagon again, because of how fragile it made their bottom line.

    • Ben P says:

      I know this is no more than anecdotal, but most aggressive behavior I experience while biking is from large vehicles. All the times I’ve been honked or yelled at has been pickups. Most of the times I’ve felt endangered by a passing vehicle has been trucks. Why a truck driver might think it OK to pass a vehicle that could easily catch and crush within a foot of a cyclist boggles me, yet it keeps on happening to me. I guess I’ve secretly hoped for higher gas prices for a while now.

  3. Newmark says:

    Where the hell is Newark and how do I ensure I never go there?

  4. Clark in Vancouver says:

    My sister has a huge gas guzzling macho-complex truck (the word “truck” spoken with a deep voice) that her beer guzzling ex boyfriend coerced her to buy. When they split up she wasn’t able to sell it because nobody wanted to buy a gas guzzler. Now that the gas prices are coming down maybe she can finally get rid of the thing.
    If you think that regular cars are burdens, you should try to live with a huge truck. Even just parking the thing takes a few minutes if you don’t want to break things around you.

    • Jeremy says:

      I spent $26 on transportation last year, what would that buy me in the car world?

      • Gary says:

        I spent $26 on one new tire last year…. but I also repaired my busted frame, (twice at $300 each reweld), new chainwheels $75, new chains (2 @ $35), new cogs (1 @ $75), other new tire, $26, new tubes (3 @ $8), new cables for shifters (2 @ $15) new brake pads (4 @ $10)… and so on… bicycling isn’t free if you put in the miles commuting…. at 4.8K only missed the 5K mark because of the broken frame.

      • Cheif says:

        Yikes, at prices like that maybe it’s time to look into doing some maintenance yourself.. I’m all for supporting local repair shops but that’s a little high.

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