Watch: ‘Bike Snohomish County: It’s Here And Away’

With some fantastic trails, including the recently extended Centennial Trail, Snohomish County has teamed up with Washington Bikes to market itself as a bicycling destination.

Though built-up neighborhoods and commercial districts in the county have a lot of work to do to become safe and comfortable places for people on bikes, the recreational opportunities are definitely stellar.

This is also why the county, region and state should work together to rebuild and improve the Whitehorse Trail, which was destroyed along with many homes and lives in the Oso Landslide.

The video below it the latest manifestation of the county’s bike marketing effort. What do you think?

Here and Away from Transect Films on Vimeo.

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8 Responses to Watch: ‘Bike Snohomish County: It’s Here And Away’

  1. Eli says:

    I would go to Snohomish to bike recreationally a LOT more if there were actually public transit on a Saturday onto which I could put my bike onto.

    • Al Dimond says:

      I use the 512 to jump-start my weekend rides sometimes. I’ve seen the racks fill up in the summer (I used to see it often on summer weekdays in the reverse peak when I worked in SnoHoCo), and I’ll let people that look like they’re going somewhere cut in front of me if I’m not in a hurry.

      • Adam says:

        Until they link Everett Station to the Centennial Trail with a trail of the same quality as the Centennial Trail then the trail will remain out of reach for the people who refuse to ride or take their kids on roads with high-speed traffic.

        Either that or improve weekend transit access to the trail. Or better yet, do both.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Riding in south Snohomish County (Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, etc), besides the Interurban, is horrible, with huge wide arterials and disconnected, confusing routes. I think most of it went in in the 50s-70s, which means lots of poor planning.

    • Al Dimond says:

      There’s some fun riding around Edmonds out by the Sound… mostly in the, “If you like steep hills,” category, though.

    • RTK says:

      Before I moved work locations I regularly commuted along the Interurban between Seattle and Everett. Not a big fan. The volume of broken glass on the trail was very high. The Centennial is great for recreation, the Interurban could be great for commuting and recreation if properly maintained.

      • Astrid says:

        I bike the Interurban in Snohomish County pretty regularly, especially from 164th up into downtown Everett. There is broken glass now and then on some trips, but it is not a constant thing.

  3. chris Isaacson says:

    Most of the places you see in the clip are places you would not want to try to bike to. The fact that you have to get in a car to drive to a trail head makes it less ideal. I would like to bike the B&G to pick up the rail line trail out of Woodinville north into Snohomish to hook up with The Centennial Trail. Someday it will go all the way into Skagit county.

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