Bike News Roundup: Washington State has a mountainside ciclovía?

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some of the transportation news floating around the Internet in recent days.

First up, protected bike lanes are on the rise in the United States:

The Rise of Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S. from Green Lane Project on Vimeo.

Pacific Northwest News

Halftime show! Is this the best tall bike photobomb ever?

National & Global News

This is an open thread.

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4 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Washington State has a mountainside ciclovía?

  1. Gary says:

    Ah that same cr*p study from Australia claimimg that fewer people ride bicycles because helmets are required. Therefore don’t wear a helmet because other things you do are equally dangerous.

    I am again forced to repeat “Corelation does not equal causality.”

    Also anyone who downhill skis may have noticed that even without a rule requiring a helmet many people have chosen to do so. Why? Because as the author points out, head injuries occure from many activities and as people become aware of the danger, change their actions. I would suspect that auto drivers are more likely to start wearing a helmet than bicycle helmet laws get repealed.

  2. Gary says:

    On the car free ride, the same is true for the road through Mt. Rainer National park.

    It appears that the opening is scheduled for memorial day weekend, so go May 24/25th! For a car free ride up the pass.

    • RTK says:

      I haven’t heard of this before. So the road crews are only clearing M-F? Are the gates signed such that you should keep out, but there is no active enforcement?
      Or is this non-motorized use somehow sanctioned?


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