Transportation Advocacy Day is Thursday, still time to register

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Sign up for Transportation Advocacy Day and join a crew of residents from around the state in urging leaders to prioritize vital investments in our transportation system. With Federal funding always uncertain and a state transportation package possible within the next year, it is important that state leaders want to not only maintain current investment levels, but grow them.

Washington currently sits at the top of nation’s Bike Friendly State list, but Colorado has taken aim at the title and is prepared to give us a real challenge.

Want to sign up (comes with transportation and lunch) or learn more? Details from Washington Bikes:

With transportation project cost overruns looming, increasing uncertainty about how to fix our bridges and roads, and a growing need to invest in biking and walking statewide, the state legislature needs to hear from YOU.

Join us for Transportation Advocacy Day on Thursday, February 27 to tell Olympia Washington Bikes.

Your voice now is critical. Next year, state funding for walking, biking, and safe routes to school investments are poised to drop to their lowest levels in 10 years.

This is your chance to let your elected representatives know that Washingtonians want priorities that create healthier communities through transportation investments that foster active and safe cities and towns statewide.

The day-long event in Olympia connects you with others who share your transportation priorities for better biking. Be a part of the solution and serve as a citizen lobbyist for the day.

After all, if you won’t do it, who will?

Sign-up today!

Lunch is provided and carpools are available.

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