Seattle Bike Blog Sunday Magazine, Issue 2

IMG_0128The second issue of Seattle Bike Blog Magazine has arrived. So kick back and catch up on all your local bike news.

Seattle Bike Blog Magazine, Issue 2

The touch-screen-optimized magazine is still in development. Thank you for your feedback on the last issue. We are hoping to add more social media content and reader responses in future editions, a feature several of you suggested. If you have any other feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.


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5 Responses to Seattle Bike Blog Sunday Magazine, Issue 2

  1. Gary says:

    Well it views better on my mobil device, but since every article is older than the blog, what is the point.

    • Jane says:

      The point is that some people don’t spend all day hitting refresh on this website, they can access the information in a format optimized for mobile devices at their leisure.

      • Gary says:

        “some people don’t spend all day hitting refresh on this website.” Blasphemy!… :)

        It would be 100% better if the website recognized that it was being viewed by a mobile device and adjusted accordingly… which is what good websites do.

  2. Leif Espelund says:

    I’m assuming one of your reasons for doing this is to try and capture a larger demographic of readers. If that is true, I would suggest renaming the publication to “Seattle Bike Magazine” or maybe “Bicycling Seattle Magazine.” The new readers you are trying to attract probably don’t care much that the content comes from a blog and apparently from Gary’s comment some existing readers could be confused into thinking it is new content instead of specially curated existing content in a new format.

    Looks great overall. I’d love to see a fancier look/feel to this site eventually too.

    • Leif Espelund says:

      Come to think of it, I was in REI yesterday and noted during my time waiting to check out that there are a huge variety of magazines for racing and mountain biking, but not a single magazine for casual, commuting, or lifestyle riders. There is a big opening there for someone.

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