Seattle Met: 20/20 Cycle got its start with 2 credit cards, a record player and a pot of tea

logoSince Velo moved from 11th and Pine to the Denny Triangle, 20/20 Cycle has been one of the only bike shops in a sea of bike-friendly neighborhoods in the Central District and Capitol Hill.

Located at 21st and Union, the shop is more than just a place to get your wheels rolling again at a low cost. It’s also a place to see some live music.

Seattle Met recently profiled owner Alex Kostelnik:

Two credit cards, a record player, and a pot of tea were all that was needed for 20/20 Cycle to get its bearings in the Central District. Alex Kostelnik moved from the local music scene—working at Laundry Room Studio with Barrett Jones and making some of Nirvana’s first videos at the Evergreen State College’s TV studio—to the bike shop scene, where he was the proverbial squeaky wheel. It soon became evident he needed a place of his own.

Six months after those humble beginnings, 20/20’s start-up expenses were paid off and Koselnik invested in the next round of necessities: a fake fireplace and a tube amplifier, and an upgrade for the record player. These days he offers special 20/20 Cycle touring and commuting models, and keeps the space full night and day with a steady line-up of after-hours shows.

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  1. Shirley says:

    I love them! We have always been treated well and these guys have gotten us out of so many jams. I even bought my well loved Redline from them. My daughter loves the toys they have, especially the My Little Pony puzzle. Bronies everywhere will flock here once they find out about that cool puzzle.

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