Endorsement: Mike O’Brien for City Council Position 8

At Bike to Work Day rally, Mike O'Brien reads Council document praising the work of Cascade's Chuck Ayers

At Bike to Work Day rally, Mike O’Brien reads Council document praising the work of Cascade’s Chuck Ayers

Mike O’Brien is an unwavering supporter of transit, biking and walking, and he is not afraid to take a stand in favor of safe, modern transportation even if might cost him some political capital.

But that’s not the only reason that you should vote for O’Brien in the August 6 primary. He also asks smart, difficult questions during Council proceedings and has proven himself as a careful listener who is willing to change his mind on an issue once he learns more about it. You know: Exactly what you want in a Councilmember.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t even need to write much about O’Brien’s council race, but now the Seattle Times for some reason decided to give his opponent Albert Shen their endorsement. Shen hates bike lanes and is convinced that the city is still concerned about the so-called “war on cars” meme of 2010. Equating building bike lanes as somehow an attack on working families? Come on, Seattle Times, what on earth were you thinking giving this guy ink?

So vote for Mike O’Brien and tell your friends and family to do the same. In a sane world, the primary would be such a blowout that the race for Council Position 8 would end there.

A note on voting: Ballots are in the mail. Don’t throw yours into a stack of mail. Vote early.

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3 Responses to Endorsement: Mike O’Brien for City Council Position 8

  1. Steve A says:

    Frankly, I found the logic in the Times, a newspaper you recently cited as coming around, more compelling than your own endorsement. O’Brien’s major qualification seems to be “even leftier.” From someone who just got a utility bill for nearly $90 – of which only $2 was for actual usage.

  2. SGG says:

    Yeah, biking isn’t the only issue I care about. O’Brien’s only qualification is being the leftiest of the lefties. Forbid we ever actually had any political diversity in city politics. It’s mostly just a yes fest around here.

  3. Eli says:

    Just wondering – but have either of you guys actually *worked* with Mike O’Brien? Did he really come across to you as unqualified or anything short of amazingly methodical and thoughtful?

    I’m just curious, because I think he’s one of the best city council members I’ve ever met, in any city. I’m really curious how you’d have gotten a different real-life picture.

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