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Big News: Seattle Bike Blog is moving from part-time to full-time

sbb_stickerv2As many of you know, Seattle Bike Blog is a part-time labor of love for me. Since January 2011, I have split my time and resources between the bike blog and Central District News.

The sites are very different, and I love them both. But Seattle Bike Blog, now just a month and half away from its third birthday, has grown dramatically. It’s time for me to make the jump from part-time to full-time, so I am leaving Central District News next month in order to focus my attention here.

This is a big step for me and blog, and it couldn’t have gotten this far without the support, news tips and participation of dedicated readers like you. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many people organizing efforts to improve and increase cycling or starting bike-centric businesses, my list of potential stories has grown so large I wouldn’t be able to keep up even if I could write day and night without sleep. That’s a great problem to have, and a clear sign that Seattle is beyond ready for a full-time independent news website about biking.

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The change means that starting in late June or early July, you can expect more news about cycling in and around Seattle. It also means more depth to reporting, more coverage from the field and a faster turn-around on breaking news and news tips.

It also means a renewed effort to grow revenue through advertising and reader subscriptions. Stay tuned for some exciting news about our subscription program (teaser: It involves beer).

I am a little bit nervous and a lotta bit excited to take this leap. And with more and more people and families across the city discovering the joy and convenience of getting around on two wheels, I look forward to telling their stories and keeping them informed about Seattle’s still-young cycling revolution.

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28 responses to “Big News: Seattle Bike Blog is moving from part-time to full-time”

  1. David Amiton

    Congrats on this new decision and direction, Tom! Bicycling and livable communities in Seattle stand to benefit tremendously from your full-time attention. Good luck!

  2. I’m sure this’ll mean something great for bikes in Seattle, Tom, way to go!

  3. Mark J

    Hooray! Thank you for all your hard work, and your decision to embark on full time status. I am happy that the bike blog is so fulfilling for you, as it is certainly an asset to the bicycle community. I look forward to reading new articles on this blog every time they are posted, and I am stoked to get even more of an abundant bike news fix. You are awesome!

  4. David

    keep doing the good work

  5. Donna S

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the increased coverage.

  6. Jessica


  7. Marie

    Rad!!! Kudos!

  8. Gordon Padelford

    Congratulations! Very excited for you and the blog. All the best

  9. Matthew

    Oh, great. I already check this site like 10 times a day as it is. This is going to do wonders for my productivity…

    But seriously, this is awesome, and best of luck with the transition.

  10. Good Luck, Tom!

  11. Lindsay

    congratulations! Thanks for all your work.

  12. merlin

    This is great news, Tom. I’m sure glad I’m retired so I can check the blog 20 times a day without losing my job!

  13. Stephen M

    Congratulations and best of luck! Your blog provides an invaluable “go-to” resource for the whole bicycling community but especially those of us who ride regularly in and around Seattle. Psyched to have your attention devoted even more to this great resource. I look forward to hearing how we can support it and you.

  14. OH my god!
    This is great news!
    Quick, everybody buy Tom some food! He’s going full time and he just gives us this shit for free! I’m gonna subscribe the hell out of this blog.
    We are so lucky to have a journo like you in Seattle, Tom. Thanks for giving so much to this wonderful site.
    You rule.

    1. eric.br

      fully endorse subscribing “the hell out of this blog” as well. thanks tom!

  15. Val

    That’s awesome!
    You are amazing, thank you so much for everything you do for the biking community.
    And like others, I’ll support however I can to keep you going!

  16. This is indeed good news. You’ve done a great job covering the local issues and I couldn’t be happier that you’re going to be able to make a full-time gig of it.

  17. Craig M. Benjamin

    Congrats Tom. This is fantastic news for everyone who cares about the future of bicycling in Seattle.

  18. Congratulations! That you’ll be able to make this move is great news for Seattle.

  19. Allison Seidel

    This is great news, Tom! I’m so glad you’re taking this leap. Seattle’s cycling and non-cycling communities alike will benefit from this transition. Looking forward to seeing more news and coverage on the blog!

  20. Congratulations on taking this step. It will be good for all of us.

  21. That’s great news Tom! I’ve just started reading your blog (and Tweeting some of my favorites). My company RallyTo is a Bellevue based startup working on our first bike related app!

  22. Emily K.

    Yahoo! Looking forward to some great bicycling news. Keep up the stellar work, Tom!

  23. I’m most excited about Tom being able to write more original content.

    You are a thoughtful, compelling, and tenacious writer Tom. More of that please!

  24. biliruben

    Awesome! Good luck, Tom.

  25. Gary

    Way to go Tom! Next up… give street films a run for their money!

  26. Hannah

    Great news, congrats! Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  27. Joseph

    a belated congratulations, Tom – good for you, and lucky us!

    Maybe it’s time to bump up my subscription :=)


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