Wednesday: Annual Ride of Silence starts at Gas Works Park

Seattle Ride of Silence 2012

Seattle Ride of Silence 2012

Every year, people in cities across the country will ride in honor of the people who have been killed while riding a bike on our roadways.

Seattle’s ride meets at Gas Works Park at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. See our coverage of last year’s ride.

From Seattle Ride of Silence:

With thousands of cyclists in Seattle, this free and public event remains the single opportunity for the community to come together, to honor our brother and sister cyclists.

The goal is simple, for every citizen and cyclist to know about this event and have the opportunity to participate. 2013 will be Seattle’s 9th Ride of Silence experience.

We have personally invited many individuals to ride with us and encourage you to invite your friends and family, team members and coworkers.

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  1. J. Steve says:

    Thanks for posting the announcement. With light drizzle for the first half of our City Hall loop, 36 hearty and motivated cyclists set out at 7pm for this #ShareTheRoad and remembrance ride. Names of friends and family were shared before we began to remind all of the silent cyclists always riding along in spirit.
    With much good feedback afterwards, many ideas to improve awareness of this ride were set in motion.
    Would it not be a worthy action/statement if at least 2,014 cyclists took part in 2014? What would it take?

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