Landslide closes Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake City – UPDATE: Now open

UPDATE: The trail has been reopened.

A mudslide closed the Burke-Gilman Trail near Lakeside Pl NE Sunday.

Crews are not able to get into the area to fix the issue due to concerns for more slides, according to Seattle Parks:

Seattle Parks and Recreation has closed the Burke-Gilman Trail at NE 117th and Riviera Pl. NE at Lakeside Pl. NE because of a slide.

Parks is unable to get a crew safely into the site to clear it because of the danger of continuing slides from above.

A detour around the slide area is marked.

Parks will provide an update Monday morning.

UPDATE: One reason for the delay is because the slide originated on private property and nobody is home, according to Seattle Parks. The trail will most likely not be cleared before Monday.

Approximate location:

View Riviera Pl NE in a larger map

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5 Responses to Landslide closes Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake City – UPDATE: Now open

  1. Gary says:

    That photo of some mud along side the trail looks like the trail I ride on all the time… doesn’t seem to warrent closing unless they have the equipment back there to clean it up and need the bicyclists/traffic to stay out of the way. Otherwise a couple of cones and let folks walk/ride around it would seem a more than adequate response.

  2. Major Major says:

    I’d stay away. If they’re concerned about more slides, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a few tons of sliding soil, trees and etc. What’s there now is a small slide but I suspect they want to see how stable the rest of the slope is.

  3. Steve says:

    This slide happened about two minutes after my girlfriend and I walked past the spot Saturday evening. We doubled back to see what had happened — the bank of mud and trees with a house on top did/do not inspire confidence! Looks like some resources need to be put into making this portion of the trail (and the house) safe.

  4. biliruben says:

    Was closed with yellow tape around 3pm yesterday.

  5. Biliruben says:

    Still closed at 8am today. A lot of lumber perched precariously above the trail. Looks the the house lost its deck.

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