Bike News Roundup: The bike of the future is being developed in Seattle

Here it is. You’ve waited patiently, and now the long-overdue Bike News Roundup has finally arrived. This is at least two weeks coming, so it’s quite long. Go refill your coffee mug and tell your boss you won’t be getting much done for the rest of the day…

First up, King 5 takes a look at LionTail Cycles and their under-development multimedia family bike (see our story here):

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! Did you know Americans really are driving less, and that it’s not just due to the recession?

STREET FACTS #2 – Americans Are Driving Less from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

National & Global News:

This is an open thread.


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5 Responses to Bike News Roundup: The bike of the future is being developed in Seattle

  1. Gary says:

    many trips are two miles or less….

    You know, when it’s only a short hop, I’m usually tempted to drive, why? my bike is setup for the long commute so that means bike shoes, and I think bike clothes although they aren’t necessary and my gear is covered in road grime because if you ride everyday, it just gets that way…. so no wonder people drive those short hops. “Free parking”, plus the low cost of gas for the trip and no real exercise and it becomes a “why bother” with a bicycle when the car works so well.

    It’s another reason we should charge for parking everywhere.

    • Orv says:

      Not to mention that, in the suburbs, it’s often easier to park a car. You just pull into a space, lock the doors, and go. With a bike, you have to locate an object to lock it to, then either disassemble it so you can lock all the pieces or add additional locks, because modern bikes are made to be easily taken apart.

      • Gary says:

        I know! and nothing like tromping through a store just dripping wet from the ride there. If you time it right you can avoid this, but then it becomes a trip, if it’s not raining in the next 20 minutes. I use weather underground’s radar picture to make that call and it helps but it complicates the trip.

        Also I pre-strip the bike, meaning the commuting lights are already off, but I also have to haul the Ulock and heavy duty cable because people are such opportunistic thieves. They leave the 50K BMW alone and go after my 1K bike….

        I have been thinking about putting together a “shopping” “cargo” bike but so far haven’t wanted to commit to the cost/space to store it.

  2. A says:

    In other words.. Fredding out is impractical unless you are participating in a race that you drove to.

    • Gary says:

      In other words, a two mile bicycle ride in the suburbs is a waste of time, saves me almost no money, gives me almost no exercise vs driving. Until that equation changes, (read the “High cost of Free Parking” for details) I’ll probably choose to drive those short trips.

      What I’m noticing is that the planning people who say “why not ride, it’s only two miles” don’t look at why one who loves to ride, might choose to drive. It’s a broken mantra doomed to failure, “Fredding” out or not.

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