Ayers resigns as head of Cascade Bicycle Club

Chuck Ayers has resigned after 16 years at the helm of Cascade Bicycle Club.

He said he has been thinking about stepping down for a while, and the time is now.

Cascade will announce a search for a new director soon.

From the Cascade blog:

Every day when I come into the office or head out to meetings, I look around and reflect on how far Cascade Bicycle Club has come over the years. I think about how our amazing staff, volunteers, members, partners and sponsors have built not just an organization but a real movement. And through this movement we are making our streets safer for our children — which means they are safer for everyone.

Truly, Cascade has never been as strong or in a better position in its history.

Our membership recently crested 15,000. Our events are posting healthy numbers and selling out earlier than ever. Our education programs are touching people of all ages, from preschoolers on balance bikes to seniors on step-through bikes. Because of our advocacy and planning work, elected leaders are recognizing that their constituents care about bicycling, and thus these leaders are asking us what they can do to be effective in responding to the ever-growing chorus they hear. Our ridership is diversifying, and the region is seeing more people bicycling than ever before. If my commutes are any indication, we’re going to need significantly more bicycle infrastructure to keep up with the demand often hidden from view on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Because of this and the fact that there is a bright future ahead for Cascade and our community, it is with mixed feelings that I share the news with you that I have decided to step down as executive director of the Club. Truly, I look at the above successes, at our bustling office, at our committed volunteers and staff, and I ask myself, “Is this the right time?”

It is. And though this may be a surprise to you, I have been thinking about this transition for a while.

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I’m in between flight at the moment, but I’ll have more on this change at Cascade soon. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Ayers resigns as head of Cascade Bicycle Club

  1. longtime cyclist says:

    Wow! This is GREAT news!

  2. longtime cyclist says:

    Wow! This is GREAT news!
    I didn’t think we’d get to see this day.

  3. Gary says:

    “spend more time cycling” is that the same as “spend time with his family?” He’s been a controversial person for the last bit and I’d prefer a more radical leader but then I’m a fan of more bikes for everyone and a group with 14k members throwing it’s political weight around to get better bicycling facilities in the city.

  4. Eli says:

    Ouch on the anonymous comments!

    Thank you, Chuck, for your years of dedicated service to our community.

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