Documentary about Fremont Solstice naked bike ride coming out soon + VIDEO

Remember Beyond Naked, the documentary about the 2011 Fremont Solstice Parade naked bike ride?

Well, after some project delays, filmmakers Dan McComb and Lisa Cooper have waded through many hours of footage to pull together a cut of the film.

The film follows four people who decide, for different reasons, to ride in the annual painted bike ride for the first time (“naked” is technically a misnomer since most of the thousands of participants wear body paint).

They are sending the cut around to festivals, but here’s a look at the long-awaited trailer (somewhat SFW, unless glimpses of painted bodies are too much for your office):

Beyond Naked Trailer (2013) from Dan McComb on Vimeo.

From the filmmakers:

After two years of work, we’re thrilled to announce that Beyond Naked is in the home stretch. Lisa and I finished cutting the official Beyond Naked trailer this weekend, and today we are releasing it to you.

Seattle-born singer Khaela Marichich is providing the signature song for the film, “How Naked Are We Gonna Get.” You can hear it in the first half of the trailer. We’re also grateful to Shon McLeod for helping us with music research.

Veteran colorist John Davidson reviewed Dan’s color correction pass on the film last week and made some tweaks to take us across the finish line. We have to say: the film looks gor-geous!

The film has already been submitted to local and international film festivals. We expect word on where it will screen in 4-5 weeks, and will post an update as soon as we know details.

In the meantime, please enjoy the trailer!

Dan McComb and Lisa Cooper

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  1. RJ says:

    Well, it looks well-shot and the trailer is well cut- it has me on the hook for wanting to see it!

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