Bike-loving Ballard brewery aims for March 8 opening

Look at that indoor bike parking! Image from preview night w/ Flying Bike. From the Peddler's Brewing Facebook

Look at that indoor bike parking! Image from preview night w/ Flying Bike. From the Peddler Brewing Facebook

With indoor parking for nine bikes and a community bike repair stand, Peddler Brewing Co might just be the bike-friendliest beer establishment in the city (country?).

If you can’t wait to hang your bike and grab a pint, this just in from Peddler Brewing Co:


After 8 months working full time jobs and doing all the construction and paperwork ourselves, we are exhausted . . . but so excited to announce that we’re finally done permitting and building out our brewery!  I wanted to inform you that we have officially set the date for opening our doors to the public – Friday, March 8th.  To start with, our hours will be Fridays 5-10pm and Saturdays 4-10pm.  We will gradually be increasing the days and hours once we get up and running.  We will open with 8 beers on tap: Kolsch, Caramel ESB, Pale, IPA, Tangerine-Wheat, Snow Beer’d (dark winter), Belgian Lights (winter-spiced Belgian), and a Coffee-Saison.  We do not have food, but encourage our guests to bring their own food or order delivery.  As with our bicycling theme, we have a public bike work station, 9-bike indoor parking rack, and bike parts integrated in our décor.  Patrons can order tasters and pints to drink at our brewery and can purchase 32oz bottles and 64oz growlers of the beer to go.

We will not be having an industry night, but encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or want to meet for an interview.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you a pint soon!

~ Haley and Dave

Peddler Brewing Company

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7 Responses to Bike-loving Ballard brewery aims for March 8 opening

  1. Jess says:

    Really looking forward to their opening. Thanks for the coverage, Tom.

  2. Southeasterner says:

    Love the bike repair concept but Friday and Saturday nights have to be about the worst times to do repair work…unless you are going to have some amazing grease cleaning product available to customers.

    I guess the whole concept also brings up the question of current regulations on drinking and cycling.

    • Al Dimond says:

      Biking while intoxicated is certainly illegal. Lots of bars and breweries have parking lots with way more than 9 spaces… and bike racks with more than 9 spaces, too! I bet the ratio of private wheels to customers at Red Hook, for example, is pretty high. So there’s nothing particularly novel about this bar providing bike parking.

      I’m also skeptical of the utility of a public bike repair stand with such limited hours… and also one that’s not in a bike shop where you can buy the parts you need! Maybe they’ll have to start carrying cables and brake pads and tubes… a mini bike shop… “Happy Hour Special: beer, nachos, and shift cables for $5!”

      • Enduser says:

        Don’t be a patronizing ass

      • Skylar says:

        While biking while intoxicated is certainly a bad idea, it is not illegal in Washington. See RCW 46.61.790:

        A law enforcement officer may offer to drive rider home, but the rider is under no obligation to accept it. If the officer thinks the rider is a danger to him/herself or others, then the officer may impound the bike, but it must be returned free-of-charge when the rider sobers up.

      • Orv says:

        Interesting! I’m guessing you could still be charged with public intoxication, but that’s a lot less life-disrupting than a DUI.

  3. RJ says:

    What’s the deal with people complaining about a nice service (indoor bike parking, a work stand) that no business is obligated to provide? Sheesh.

    I think it’s great that there are indoor parking spots. Sure, other larger breweries may have more but.. so what? I’m happy that they offered any.

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