Man struck at 5th and Madison, injuries not life-threatening

A 36-year-old man biking at 5th and Madison was struck by a car around 3 p.m. Though emergency responders found him 25 feet from his bicycle, he is “alert and conscious,” and his injuries are not life-threatening, according to the Fire Department.

Details of the incident are not yet clear. A witness said he was in the crosswalk when it happened, and that police and fire were quick to respond.

He was transported to the hospital.

We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

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12 Responses to Man struck at 5th and Madison, injuries not life-threatening

  1. A says:

    Can’t help but notice in the PI’s report they couldn’t resist the urge to interject “Moore said it wasn’t clear if the cyclist was wearing a helmet.”, the typical ubiquitous msm fingerpoint that suggests that as a cyclist, he was probably doing something wrong, even though we don’t have any information that actually states that as being the case. No assumptions or carefully planted suggestions regarding what laws the vehicle operator might have been breaking at the time.

  2. No doubt this will be another accident where the bicyclist takes ALL the blame. If they didn’t wear a helmet then they really deserved to be hit by a car.

  3. Steve A says:

    Was the motorist wearing a helmet?

  4. Lisa says:

    I called 911. I was there in the crosswalk after the walk signal. He flew by me through the red light at lightening speed down Madison. It was a horrific sight to see him slam into the southbound traffic, hitting two cars and flying very high in the air. He is lucky to be alive. I hope he will be ok.

  5. David Huber says:

    I saw this accident. I was standing on the corner speaking with a friend. The cyclist was traveling at high speed cruising down Madison and blew through the solid red light. He went in front of the first lane of traffic and crashed directly into the driver side door of the car in the middle lane which had just started accelerating from a dead stop at her red light. Her car took a direct hit in the middle of the driver’s door which took a deep dent from the crash. The window of that door was completely blown out and her face was bleeding. As I was talking to her she kept repeating I thought my window exploded. She had stopped and pulled over and was very cooperative. Don’t blame this one on the car or driver. My compassion is with this man who got injured, but he was fully at fault for this crash.

  6. Shirley says:

    The first comment was about the news perspective. Instead these details could be in the news rather than questioning if the bicyclist had a helmet. By the way you describe it, sounds like it was reckless. I hope both people are okay.

  7. RJ says:

    Actually, after I read the article– the first question that popped into MY head was, “was he wearing a helmet?”

    Wearing a helmet in King County is the LAW. It IS relevant to pose that question.

    Drivers get treated the same. If a driver is in an accident, the news often says, “it was not clear if alcohol played a part.”

    I don’t find the statement accusatory, only stating that an important piece of information is not yet available.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      As moderator, I would like to step in here and kindly suggest that this is a good place to let this helmet conversation stop. The helmet debate can go on forever, and the relevant points have been made. Thanks, everyone.

  8. Ray Finkle says:

    Even if you aren’t riding like an idiot, as this guy seems to have been, don’t expect cars to see you riding across a crosswalk. Since it is illegal, the car won’t expect you to be there, and with other cars at the intersection a driver may simply not see you approaching.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Biking in a crosswalk is not illegal. In Washington, people on bikes have all the rights and responsibilities as pedestrians. It is also legal to ride on sidewalks here.

  9. DCR says:

    My first thought is, “I hope the cyclists was wearing a helmet (and is okay)”, and then “Was the driver on a cellphone?”. I spend a lot of my time riding Seattle on my bike and as I’m passing cars in traffic or at lights I can look right in cars, and I’m amazed at how many drivers are talking and texting away in their cars oblivious to cyclists and the world around them. Half the time a car swerves in front of me, chops me at a corner, or is just generally sketchy they are messing on their phone.

    Don’t want to take away from the real point of this thread and start any finger pointing because both drivers and cyclists can be at fault, but cars do have the upper-hand out there and innocent, law abiding cyclists can quickly be killed by a momentarily distracted cyclist. 99% of cyclists all drive cars so this isn’t an us versus them scenario. Don’t text and drive! I would like to see more Seattle Bike Cops cruising the bike lanes and nailing cell phone using drivers. Think of the extra revenue, Seattle!

    All things considered, Seattle drivers are extremely courteous to cyclists and I just want to say Thank You Good Drivers of Seattle, We Appreciate Your Courtesy and Careful Driving Around Us! Our life depends on it.

    • A says:

      Well said and I agree 100%. My original comment at the top of this comment thread was regarding the bias of corporate media against cycling and cyclists and not this specific incident.

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