Bike News Roundup: A cycle track in East Harlem

It’s time for the weekly Bike News Roundup! As always, this is an open thread.

First up, the story behind East Harlem’s new protected bike lane:

How Complete Streets Came to East Harlem from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! Forget neighborhood greenways, let’s build a network of these:

National & Global News:

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7 Responses to Bike News Roundup: A cycle track in East Harlem

  1. Jessie K says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, and as usual for the excellent round-up of good reads.

  2. kommish says:

    I’m sorry, explain to me how he is trolling? He’s advocating for the exact same thing we talk about all the time on here – dedicated space for bikes. It’s not his fault that his comment thread, like literally every single other comment thread that mentions how cyclists ride their bikes, degenerated into a screaming match. If we all had a dollar for every time that happened, we’d have some sweet ass bikes, that’s for sure.

    • Al Dimond says:

      As an occasional, amateur troll, I think I can speak to this: Dan Savage is a constant, professional troll. He says things that get people talking and incite controversy and debate, much of which is uncivil; he knows this will happen and that’s why he does it.

      Sometimes trolls troll for evil. Sometimes trolls troll For Great Justice.

      • Tom Fucoloro says:

        Well put, Al.

        There are some conversations that the internet seems incapable of having, as kommish points out. Savage knows that more than anyone. I’m not exactly criticizing him, that’s sort of how he rolls whether he’s talking about bikes or gay marriage or republicans. He gets people riled up, which isn’t always a bad thing (but also isn’t always useful or positive).

        I guess I am just tired of people yelling at each other over how they walk/bike/drive wrong. That’s why I advocate for designing our city so it is comfortable and intuitive for everyone, no matter how they choose to get around.

  3. kommish says:

    Sorry; by “he” I’m referring to the Dan Savage link.

  4. Gary says:

    On the Dad with the kid in trailer accident, after first reading this article I wanted to know just how bright his rear blinky light on the trailer was, and whether he had just a rain coat or a reflective vest on top of a coat. But then I saw that he was waiting behind two cars, which means the car that hit him should have been preparing to stop for those cars as well. Which implies that the driver was impaired or seriously distracted.

    Sad to say had the bicyclist not been there, it would have been just another collision on the road between cars. We are so immune to these collisions that unless they seriously block traffic or kill someone they aren’t reported in the news.

  5. Fred says:

    Yeah gentrification!

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