Cranksgiving Update: Starts at Gas Works Park + Afterparty at Full Tilt

The details on Seattle’s Third Annual Cranksgiving are coming together.

First, the ride is November 17. Registration is at 11 a.m. Ride starts at noon (note, this is an hour later than we originally posted). Meet at Gas Works Park, end in Columbia City.

Ride in teams (6 people max) or solo. Bike around town on a scavenger hunt, getting as many of the listed food items from as as many of the listed food sellers as you can before the time is up.

We are expanding the rules and challenges this year. Bring a digital camera or camera phone, as well as a way to haul groceries on your bike. Costumes are encouraged.

Sponsors include:

The afterparty will be held at Full Tilt Ice Cream in Columbia City (family friendly + beer!)

Visit the main event page for updated info as details develop. Also, share the Facebook event with your friends!

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7 Responses to Cranksgiving Update: Starts at Gas Works Park + Afterparty at Full Tilt

  1. ehn says:

    receiving mostly groans in response to my proposal to friends that we do this event, it looks like i may be riding it solo. will this be at a great disadvantage, ie, fewer arms/legs/pack-horse ability to carry the food items?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I’m willing to bet you can find a team to join at the start.

      • ehn says:

        thanks for that info/encouragement, i think i may have talked a couple of friends into the event, though they’re waiting to see what mother nature delivers before committing.

  2. Andres says:

    Can you please provide details about when the ride ends, and how late the afterparty will run? If we do it this year, it will be with a 7 month old; I expect the pace to be slower than your average rider.

    Hooray for the noon start, and not having it start on Cap Hill. That was a tough start in the prior years!

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      The ride will end by 3 in Columbia City. The afterparty goes as long as you want it to or until you get a tummy ache from too much ice cream or beer :-)

      There’s no pressure to hit every stop on the manifest. Bite off what you can chew (I’m sure there will be a crew that wants to take a leisurely pace).

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