W Thomas Street overpass is open

I’m gonna go a bike ride to Lower Queen Anne via the waterfront and Myrtle Edwards Park :-)

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10 Responses to W Thomas Street overpass is open

  1. Joseph says:

    Be still my spinning heart!

  2. Mike says:

    Just rode it yesterday evening. Cuts about 1.5 miles off my commute!

  3. merlin says:

    Rode it starting on the Elliott Bay trail – kinda weird where it comes out on 3rd Ave and Harrison. I assume there will be some wayfinding signs someday? Also I chuckled at the warning to ride SLOW … going UP; no warning on the downhill slopes. Great views from the outlook. Now just imagine something like this across the Ship Canal at Montlake…

  4. Yorik says:

    Nice railings ;)

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