Bike News Roundup: Is this bike thing sexist?

It’s time for the weekly Bike News Roundup! As always, this is an open thread.

First up, here’s one way to advertise your bus service:

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! Sexism at Interbike and in the bike industry in general is the talk of the week (see links below). Meanwhile, here’s a look at the fashion show during the recent Women’s Bike Summit in Longbeach. Discuss.

Cycle Chic Hits the Cat-bike-walk in Long Beach from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

National & Global News:

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2 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Is this bike thing sexist?

  1. Jeremy says:

    “Have you noticed the new Lake Washington Blvd speed bumps?”

    Some slight slow-downs for the bumps, followed by the car drivers flooring it? Oh, and rows and rows and rows of cars waiting on the construction. Poor saps.

  2. Al Dimond says:

    The “The Case for Keeping Seattle’s Streets Messy” piece completely misses the point of “fixing the grid”. Fixing the grid doesn’t mean bulldozing the Ravenna, or Lake Washington Boulevard, or any other curvy streets he likes. It means ensuring that there are direct, straightforward connections between places, primarily for the benefit of pedestrians, and primarily where there once were direct connections that were removed in order to overbuild roads like Mercer and Aurora. People shouldn’t be able to get jobs writing for outlets like The Atlantic without actually taking the time to understand what they’re talking about, but sadly they do.

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