Bike News Roundup: Which Seattle neighborhood should get ‘street seats’ first?

It’s time for the weekly Bike News Roundup. As always, this is an open thread.

First up, Randee Sue’s bike is her primary mode of transportation. Also, she was born with spina bifida:

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! Check out this awesome photoshop project by Zhao Huasen:

National & Global News:

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4 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Which Seattle neighborhood should get ‘street seats’ first?

  1. whiteboyjeff says:

    street seats is a dumb idea. nice for summer time or in a city that sees a lot of dry days, but seattle and portland? come on now. if they’re removable and storeable during the rain season (oct-april) then i wouldn’t have a problem with them. but it’s still safety issue to have people sitting/eating in the street. can’t wait to see what happens when a semi or and SUV plows into that section of the restaurant! CHECK PLEASE!!

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      They work extremely well in San Francisco (they call them “parklets,” which I like better). They are not always used for outdoor cafe seating, but that’s a popular way to do it.

      In neighborhoods where parking is nearly always close to capacity, getting hit by a car would be much less of a worry since the seating area would be flanked by parked cars at all times. On a street with low parking use, I could see feeling a little exposed to traffic…

    • David Amiton says:

      From the source article:

      “PBOT is only allowing businesses to have street seats for six months out of the year.”

      Presumably this means they’re only out end of spring, summer, and early fall. Slap some outdoor heaters and a canopy on those suckers and call it a day.

  2. A New Bike says:

    Hey thanks for the love on the Randee Sue video. We spent a ton of time with her and on the project so it feels nice to have it linked.


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