Menstrual Monday’s All-Girl Alleycat Saturday

The Second Annual Girls of Summer all-girl alleycat is Saturday, and the organizers are hoping to attract a lot of women who have never done an alleycat race before:

Once again, there will be an adventurous romp through the Seattle city streets celebrating the best thing ever, GIRLS ON BIKES. We will have prizes in fun and creative categories to encourage new or non-competitive riders (a MOUNTAIN of prizes). Also to encourage women of all ages to race and in the tradition of road racing we will have a Master’s category this year. That means the first person age 35 and up will get a sweet prize.

Register at the I-5 colonnade at 2pm and race at 3pm sharp. $5 (includes a drink ticket).

Things to bring: map of seattle, a lock, a pen, and of course a helmet.

Afterparty at the Boxcar, starting around 6pm!

If you haven’t done an alleycat before (which is most people), it’s basically a scavenger hunt on a bike. Some people race (and the prizes for the winners are usually rad), but many are just in it for fun and leisure.

Menstural Monday has a great list of advice for women who have never done an alleycat:


Sure we’ve got a sweet prize for the fastest girl who finishes the race, but lots of ladies will be riding at more leisurely paces. So if you’re not stoked on going 110% and you want to make some new awesome friends, there will surely be ladies riding at mellow paces happy to group up. Join them!


At the start, you’ll be given a paper with locations around town you’ll visit. This is called a manifest. Hang on to this because you’ll need to turn it in at the end.

What bike to ride

Mountain bike, cruiser, fixed gear, roadie, or unicycle. Take your pick! As long as it’s pedal powered and can get you around Seattle’s hills, it’s right for this race!

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