The U District’s Bike Shack is moving, but needs a new space

Photo from the Bike Shack

The Bike Shack, a volunteer-run co-op bike wrenching space in the U District, needs to move by the end of July. But where to?

We accidentally outed their search for a new space in December, but now it’s for real. If you know of a space that fits their needs (see below), get in touch with them. It’s a wonderful neighborhood resource, and northeast Seattle needs to make sure it continues.

Their priorities: 1: New space. 2: New volunteers. 3: Donations.

From the Bike Shack:

Dear friends and acquaintances of the Bike Shack,

The Bike Shack is moving! Our landlord is developing an outdoor art studio on the space, and we must clear out by July 31.

We want to thank everyone for their support and volunteer work and patronage of the Bike Shack in the U-District over these many years. We’re committed to providing bike repair teaching, tools, and a welcoming workshop atmosphere wherever we end up.

Now we need your help! We have one possibility for a location, but we want to explore our options.

The Bike Shack is seeking a garage, workshop, basement, or other rugged workspace in North Seattle with the following features:
-250ish square feet (may be a combo of indoor/outdoor space if we can store bikes outside, outdoor space should be fenced or able to be fenced)
-electricity, working lights, and access to bathroom (working heater is a plus, but not required)
-less than $250/mo rent
-minimum one year lease

We’re also seeking new volunteers! Help us get started in our new location and be a part of the next phase of the Bike Shack’s history. No bike repair experience required, just enthusiasm for bicycling and helping others.

Contact [email protected] or 425-224-5310 if you’re interested in volunteering or have information about potential places for us to move.

Finally, your monetary donations will help us get through our transition. You can donate via our website at

Erica, Jesse, Matt, and Alec


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