Want to find a date who rides a bike? Hub & Bespoke is hosting another Slow Ride Speed Date

“As he slipped the u-lock around the rust-red frame of his bike and started peeling the soaked-through DayGlo jacket from the skin of his forearm, I knew it was love…”

The above quote is from the trashy bike romance novel “As My Heart Cranks,” which I haven’t written yet. But it could be your reality thanks to Seattle Bike Blog sponsor Hub & Bespoke. They are hosting their second Slow Ride Speed Date in Fremont June 12, giving you a chance to find summer love on two wheels.

From Hub & Bespoke:

Back by popular demand, our speed-dating-by-bicycle event is happening again next month. Since last year’s ride, many people contacted us asking when we’d do it again. Well, we’ve got an answer for you: June 12.

Like last year, we’ll gather at the shop and then head to an area in Fremont where bikers and bikes can line up. Each participant will go on a short bike ride along a pre-set path with a participant of the opposite sex.* After everyone’s “dated” everyone else, we’ll collect match cards (kept private) and head to a nearby bar for drinks.

If you are a single cyclist looking to pair up or maybe just meet some new bike-loving friends, sign up by emailing hubandbespoke at gmail.com with your name, gender, and age. We had more than a few follow up matches last year, and participants said they had a great time. There are a limited number of spots so reserve yours early! Oh, and I think it goes without saying, but you must have a bike to participate.

Due to the complicated nature of organizing a speed date event, the event is only for people looking for a date of the opposite sex. However, they want to host a separate event gay and lesbian event soon. Email hubandbespoke at gmail.com and express your interest so they can determine if there is enough interest (they had to cancel last year’s gay and lesbian speed date because not enough people signed up).

Speaking of bike and love, Portland’s Elly Blue is raising money to release the seventh volume in her award-deserving zine series Taking the Lane. The volume’s concept? “BikeSexuality: True tales of bicycling and desire.”

You can support the project and score a copy of the zine by backing the Kickstarter. You can read it to your new lover from the back of a tandem as you cruise around the countryside.

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6 Responses to Want to find a date who rides a bike? Hub & Bespoke is hosting another Slow Ride Speed Date

  1. Todd says:

    Chicks on bikes are hot… but they’re all taken. But I got me a horse riding gal so it’s all good. :)

  2. Sarah says:

    My wife and I met through a bike club. We highly recommend Hub and Bespoke’s “Slow Ride Speed Date”, not only because we adore Hub and Bespoke, but also because finding someone who has the same passion you have leads to a very passionate relationship!

  3. Aldan says:

    Thanks for helping to get the word out, Tom! Hope to see lots of your readers at the speed date event.

  4. Penny says:

    I want to do the bike speed dating .. . When is the next one!?

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