Ballard High School students hosting bike drive for Bike Works Friday

You can also donate bikes directly to the Bike Works shop any time they are open.

Students at Ballard High School are hosting a bike drive Friday to collect people’s old bikes and donate them to Bike Works. They will be collecting them from 4-7 p.m. at the upper parking lot of the high school.

Remember, if you live in the area and can’t get to the bike drive, you can always donate bikes at the smelly Fremont transfer station (AKA dump) thanks to a partnership between Bike Works and CleanScapes.

Details on the Ballard drive:


I am Rafael Regan, a junior at Ballard High School and a Youth Commissioner on the Seattle Youth Commission. I am part of the Ballard HS Earth Service Corps and we are having a Bike Drive this Friday in the upper parking lot at Ballard High School. This event is for people to bring their old and/or used bikes they no longer need and donate them to Bike Works, an organization that repairs and gives the bikes to people and youth in need of bikes … This event is totally free for anyone and is happening from 4pm to 7pm on Friday (May25th). Within that time, people can drop off their bikes they are donating.

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