Saturday: 4th annual Tour de Pints will cruise to local breweries + Roller racing at Hale’s

To celebrate Seattle Beer Week — and, of course, bicycles! — the Ballard-based Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is hosting a local brewery pub crawl on bikes Saturday.

The Tour de Pints starts promptly at 11 a.m. at Pike Brewing Company in Pike Place Market. From there it will hit Hillard’s Beer, Naked City Brewery, Ravenna Alehouse, Fremont Brewing, Hales Ales and the Wurst Place. See the official route here.

Roller racing at Hale’s to support the Marymoor Velodrome

After the Tour, you can stick around at Hales for the Marymoor Velodrome Association’s roller racing rally.


Saturday May 12, 7-10pm Hale’s Ales Palladium in Seattle (Fremont/Ballard)

  • All ages
  • Track-specific bike swap (bring your stuff to trade and sell!)
  • Food and beverages available
  • See your long lost track friends! The season’s almost here!

First heats on the roller bikes (fixed fork) scheduled for 7:30. Spin to win!

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3 Responses to Saturday: 4th annual Tour de Pints will cruise to local breweries + Roller racing at Hale’s

  1. Gary says:

    Other than mixing driving a car and drinking beer, I can’t see bicycling and beer being all that great a mix either. Last time I did that, college, I left the beer behind about a mile after riding… I have no wish to repeat that experience.

  2. caspar says:

    ^ I don’t think you could be more wrong, roller racing and drinking beer go hand in hand!

    • Gary says:

      “Rollers” ugh.. the worst of indoor bicycling. Not enough Resistance even with those fans, one false move and you ride off into the living room, take up a huge amount of storage space, and my chain spit oil all over the carpet. Good thing it was a rental… Tossed those rollers in favor of riding in the rain outside.

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