Bicycle surcharge not changed in May ferry fare hike

The state announced recently that fares on ferries are going up about 3 percent. However, the bicycle surcharge remains unchanged, Biking Bis reports.

So while your walk-on ticket will still be higher, the bicycle fee will remain the same. And remember, if you use a pass or an ORCA card, the bicycle surcharge is waived.

From Biking Bis:

The increase means that bicyclists will pay a little more as walk-on passengers (it depends on the ferry route), but their bicycle surcharge will remain the same.

On most routes, that bicycle surcharge is $1 for a roundtrip; it’s $2 ($4 in peak season) on the Anacortes-San Juan Islands route and $.50 on the Port Townsend/Coupeville route.

Further, the bicycle surcharge exception still applies for passengers traveling with a monthly passenger pass and single fare riders using the ORCA e-card. (That exception doesn’t apply on the Anacortes-San Juans- Sidney routes.)

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  1. Anthony says:

    The surcharge is also waived even if you only have a ten-trip ticket book.

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