Bike Works auction raises over $135k

Photo by Ken Yasuhara

Bike Works raised over $135,000 during their annual auction Sunday. That’s the most they have ever raised during their auction and $17,000 more than they made last year. Not too shabby for a humble bike organization based out of a yellow house in Columbia City.

This year was my first time at the auction. I was a volunteer, frantically writing down bid numbers and amounts while the energetic auctioneer worked the crowd.

There was a lot of big money flying around, including a few people who spent $100 on six packs of PBR and Rainier with Bike Works “special label” stickers on them. Other auction items included everything from a tandem bike, a hot air balloon ride and a Bike Works volunteer flash mob.

Notable attendees included Councilmembers Richard Conlin and Tim Burgess as well as many of the original Bike Works founders, back to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the organization.

Here are some more photos by Bike Works’ Ken Yasuhara:


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