Seattle-based Undriving wins national advocacy award for ‘Joyful Enthusiasm’

The National Bike Summit is in full swing. Representatives from Cascade Bicycle Club and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington are there, and many bike media folks are covering the events (Bike Portland has good on-the-ground coverage, of course). You can follow the conversation on Twitter at #nbs12.

Meanwhile, the Alliance for Biking and Walking (national org) has announced it’s 2012 advocacy awards, and Seattle’s own Julia Field of Undriving won the “Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award“:

This award commemorates Alliance co-founder, Susie Stephens, honoring her passion for biking and walking as fun and economical means of transportation. The parallels between Susie and Julia are many. As one nomination pointed out: “Like Susie, Julia knows that people want to do good things—sometimes they just need ideas and cheerleading.” As the founder of Undriving, Julia established an artistic, energetic and effective program that empowers citizens to reimagine their travel habits in ways that protect the planet and improve community health. The positive power of the Undriving concept has earned Field recognition, not just in Seattle, but across the U.S. and beyond. If Susie were still with us, we know she’d be wielding her Undriving license with pride!

(h/t Biking Bis)

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3 Responses to Seattle-based Undriving wins national advocacy award for ‘Joyful Enthusiasm’

  1. merlin says:

    Wonderful! Julia rocks! I am so proud to be an Undriver myself – thanks Julia!

  2. Todd says:

    I want one of these.

  3. Luna Snoqualmie says:

    Julia DOES rock! I love to flash my UNdriving License. It always provokes a fun conversation.

    BTW: My canine companion and I UNdrive by bike and kid trailer.

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