Tonight: Bike Master Plan presentation + Streetcar open house

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board will hear from the folks behind the Bicycle Master Plan update this evening. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in Rm L280 at City Hall (get there a few minutes early, as the elevators lock down promptly at 6).

The City Council allocated $250,000 to update the plan this year. This is a significant investment that opens the door to overhaul the city’s plan now that we have a good look at the good and the ugly in the 2007 plan. Mainly, this is a chance to get a city-wide plan for family-friendly bicycle facilities (separated bike lanes/cycle tracks and neighborhood greenways) and deemphasize some of the less useful tools emphasized in the 2007 plan (sharrows on busy streets, bike lanes in the door zone, etc). It’s also a chance to prioritize which improvements throughout the city are most needed.

Bicycle Master Plan update timeline.

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, which is comprised of volunteer citizens, will be the primary advisory board for the bike plan update throughout the year. The presentation tonight will be a chance to learn how that process will work.

Here’s a presentation to the City Council Transportation Committee from February 28:


First Hill Streetcar Open House

The second open house for the First Hill Streetcar is this evening at Broadway and Madison. See our previous story about the First Hill Streetcar and the (somewhat more exciting to some of us) Broadway Bikeway.

Meeting details:

First Hill Streetcar Open House
4:00 to 7:00 PM
Wednesday, March 7
Silver Cloud Hotel
The Broadway Room
1100 Broadway

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