Bike News Roundup: Seattle > Portland

It’s bike news roundup time (finally!). I’ve had people pounding on my door all morning, demanding the weekly roundup (ok, so it was just one person on Twitter). Now, it has arrived…

Craig Etheridge from Circadian Pictures on Vimeo.

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! Starring the incredible Danny MacAskill, a trials rider that even people who don’t like bike trick videos can get into:

National & Global News:

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3 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Seattle > Portland

  1. Shane Phillips says:

    I LOVE that bike freight idea. It sounds perfect for local freight delivery!

  2. Al Dimond says:

    This was a huge, intense news roundup. Wow.

    This is an open thread, like all the other roundup threads, right? I’ll just assume it is. So… I frequently want to bike around the south end of Lake Washington. Unfortunately, Renton is in the way. I have yet to find a really good way through Renton — it’s always the least pleasant part of my ride. When there are bike lanes in Renton they’re terribly designed; some of their trails (like the Cedar River Trail) have a 10MPH speed limit, which is, frankly, asinine. So… what do people think about good bike routes through Renton?

    • pqbuffington says:


      I doubt my routing, through Renton when circumnavigating the lake, is all that different than anyone else’s, but here are some variations that I prefer…


      • South on Rainier Ave S….turn left onto the Perimeter Road and loop around the airfield
      • Cross the Cedar River on the multi-use path parallel to Logan Ave N
      • Stay on the new multi-use path until N 6th…

      • Or, you can also stay on the Cedar River path…it must be one of the only paths in the world where you can have a crossing situation with a 737, et al…totally cool!
      • Leave the path at N 6th, head east, and turn north onto Logan…

      • At the intersection of N 6th and Logan Ave N, the two-way path ends and you should cross Logan and take the bike lane…this is a very dangerous confluence as you are on the “wrong” side of Logan…I highly recommend using the crossing signals and/or traffic lights to the letter
      • Once on Logan, proceed north/north-east…Logan becomes Park Ave N
      • At the intersection of Park Ave N and Garden Ave N, stay to the left and get into the left-turn lane…turn left onto Lake Washington Blvd N
      • Once through the chicane…watch for merging traffic on your right…get over onto the shoulder / bike-lane
      • Once on LWB-N, proceed to the intersection of LWB-N and Seahawk’s Way and turn left, just before 405
      • Just north of the Seahawk’s facility is the entrance to the multi-use path on your right…

      A counterclockwise variation…

      • At one of the Renton Sports Field (name?) access driveways, leave the multi-use path and cross Logan Ave SOUTH of N 4th Street…be very careful doing this…depending the time of day, large traffic gaps usually allow for safe crossing
      • Get all-the-way to the right and proceed through the Logan and N 4th Street intersection
      • Immediately to your right is an enormous fallow parking lot…turn into the lot and proceed north through the lot until the last east-access driveway onto Burnett Ave N
      • Burnett terminates at NE 6th…turn right onto 6th and proceed to Park Ave N
      • Take Park Ave N through the Landing, turn right staying on Park Ave, and get into the left-turn lane at Park Ave and Garden Ave N
      • Turn left onto LWB…

      Clockwise route…

      • Pretty much the same, but the other direction…
      • Turn right onto Park Ave N from LWB
      • Stay on the Park Ave / Logan Way bike lane
      • When the bike lane ends at N 6th, either turn right and proceed west until you reach the Cedar River path…
      • …or, cross N 6th and get onto the new multi-use path along Logan…be very careful here as the bike-lane does not merge seamlessly with the new multi-path…I usually roll-over the traffic islands via the wheel-chair access ramps with the signals

      Any other variations, or corrections on my streets and name, would be greatly appreciated…

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