Recycled Cycles opening second shop in Fremont

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One day after Back Alley Bike Repair opens in Pioneer Square, Seattle will get another new bike shop. Recycled Cycles, the legendary used bike mecca in the U District, is opening a new, smaller shop next to their Fremont warehouse February 15.

The shop will be the second bike shop in the area, moving in just a few blocks from the high-performance-focused Speedy Reedy.

From Recycled Cycles:

That’s right, we’re opening a second Recycled Cycles location in Fremont! It will be a lot like the Recycled Cycles you know and love on Boat Street, just on a smaller scale. The new 2500-square-foot space is attached to our warehouse where you’ll find Recycled Cycles stalwarts Scott, Reed, Paul, Blaise and many others. It’s a great spot with great neighbors: Fremont Brewing Company, Pacific Inn, RoRo BBQ and Bikram Yoga Seattle. And of course, it’s just a couple of blocks from the Burke-Gilman Trail, so please stop to say hello by if you are riding through the neighborhood!

Grand Opening Feb. 15th

Address/Phone: 1109 N. 35th Street, Seattle / (206) 397-4286

Hours: M-F 10am-7pm; Sat/Sun 10am-6pm

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12 Responses to Recycled Cycles opening second shop in Fremont

  1. anthony says:

    Well, can’t win ’em all. We get the truly non-condescending Back Alley opening up(kick butt!), then to find out the sometimes cool/sometimes beyond arrogant Recycled Cycles is opening another shop. If they just didn’t have those condescending college kids supported by mommy and daddy, then the place would be top notch.

    I wonder is 20/20 has anything to do with it? They seem to be kicking butt over on Union, and are like how Recycled Cycles used to be.

    • Bruce Nourish says:

      RC has been great to me.

    • Steve Donahue says:

      Sorry we are hit or miss with our service and selection. Hearing things like this about my shop really bothers me. If there is anything I can do to help renew the relationship between you and RC please let me know. Staff is always a hard thing to predict. People interview one way and then when they are put into the line of fire they turn into someone completely different. We are currently putting our summer staff together and hope that the people we are bringing on are longtime, customer friendly employees.
      Steve Donahue

    • Sam says:

      I’m not really sure what experience led to this comment. In three years, I have had a grand total of 1 (one) encounter at RC that seemed a little standoffish. The day I bought my first bike in ten years, the fellow who helped me out seemed a bit standoffish. I think he had been pulled from the mechanics’ area to help on the retail floor, because it was getting busy. Though not the friendliest, h was nevertheless informative and helpful, and thanks to him I ended up with a remarkably comfortable bike that has suited me perfectly.

      Oh, and as the first customer at the new location, I can say that everyone there has been super-friendly.

  2. Sarah says:

    RC was excellent a few years ago. Lately it hasn’t met up to its old standards. I’ve had 2 bikes repaired there in the last year, and both bikes had to be re-repaired at another bike shop because RC messed up pretty badly. I can forgive one bad repair and give a shop I’ve loved for years a second chance, but they blew the second chance as well. I used to direct a lot of people to RC to buy bikes and they’d come back happy with bikes and stories of the great service. I’ve had a couple come back to me lately angry about the way they were treated. They didn’t buy bikes or anything else and one guy said he’d never step foot in there again.

    I bought a new bike last week from my “new” shop. The same shop who fixed the two bikes RC did badly with. Paul, Skip, and Andy are wonderful guys. I just wish the shop still was as wonderful.

    • Steve Donahue says:

      Sorry you have not had a positive experience with the shop and its repair department. If there is anything I can do to renew your faith in the shop please contact me directly. I would like to offer to reimburse any out of pocket expenses you incurred in order to get you bike repaired correctly.
      I am a bike mechanic and when we opened the shop in ’94 we made it a goal to have a reliable service department that would see repairs completed correctly and within budget. This is still how I want things to occur so stories like yours really bother me.
      We are currently hiring our summer staff and are busy getting them trained for the upcoming season. I will personally ensure that customer service is not just lip service.
      Steve Donahue

      • Sarah says:

        It’s water under the bridge, don’t worry. But thank you for the offer. I still come into the shop every couple weeks to buy parts and things. I just don’t buy bikes or have bikes repaired any more.

        Don’t get me wrong, I had years of VERY positive experiences with RC and still shop there. There are just some things I’ll do elsewhere now.

        And kudos to all of you because neither I nor any of my female friends ever feel talked down to at RC.

      • Steve Donahue says:

        Thank you I really appreciate hearing that.

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  4. Kerri Miller says:

    Seeing Sarah’s comment about “neither I nor any of my female friends ever feel talked down to at RC” made me puzzled – were we talking about the same place?

    Sorry Steve, it seems like its your passion and I wish you all the best with your new store, but I’m not ever going back there after how I was treated.

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