CDNews: Bike thief caught on video stealing bike in Judkins Park

Do you recognize this bike thief?

A Judkins Park resident posted photos and video to Central District News showing someone stealing the black Cannondale Bad Boy from outside their home Sunday, less than a block from the I-90 Trail. They are hoping someone recognizes him and calls the police.

From CDNews:

A thief hit our house in the early hours of Sunday morning and made off with my husbands bike. It was a matte black 2006 Cannondale Bad Boy with disk brakes, larger padded seat with lights attached. 18 or 27 speeds – we can’t remember  now. We do have the serial number and original purchase receipt from Montlake Bicycles.

We have filed a police report, but are looking for your help in apprehending the guy who did it. After having our car broken into two previous times, we installed video cameras and have some decent shots of the man who did this.

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11 Responses to CDNews: Bike thief caught on video stealing bike in Judkins Park

  1. Am I Trolling says:

    They can’t remember if it had a triple or double? Really?

    If they get it back, I hope they donate it to Bike Works, they apparently weren’t using it anyway.

  2. JD Miller says: Registering the theft with s/n may be useful in expanding the search. Filing the police report will be good for alerting 2nd hand dealers. Pawnshops record every purchase with the police whose computers match with reports of stolen stuff.

    At least it wasn’t a crucial method of transportation for the victim.
    I hate thieves. Especially bike thieves.
    From a humble pawnbroker

  3. “less than a block from the I-90 Trail”

    Further evidence that bike trails bring crime to a neighborhood. ;)

    (Never mind that virtually all of the crime in my neighborhood is perpetrated via automobile…)

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Ha, I included that detail more to orient non-CD residents. Though obviously bike trails are crime superhighways…

  4. Gary says:

    Looks like a double front crank and otherwise a “general mt bike” No suspension.
    But then it wasn’t locked up. He did look at it to decide whether it was worth taking or not. Any cheap cable lock to a ring bolt would have foiled this burglary.

    • Al Dimond says:

      Note to self: find something in my basement to lock my bike to.

      • Gary says:

        Just don’t lock it to your workbench!

        (and put your bike tools away under something else, like me, I store mine under a laundry basket.. ‘course I should do my laundry a bit more frequently…)

        Seriously, locking it to anything that makes picking it up and moving it difficult makes it less likely to be a target. You can see in the video, he’s looking carefully at what is available and whether he wants that bike or not.

        Or you could go the bike messenger route, and wrap your bike in duct tape.

  5. I am so happy to have my bike live inside my apt with me. Takes up a ton of space but better than having it out in the open for potential thieves. Just a note though, even locking your bike to itself makes it much harder to steal, especially a heavier bike.

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