Get discounted Alleycat Acres ride registration for reading Seattle Bike Blog!

Regular readers may have noticed a Streets & Beets ad pop up at the top of the right-hand sidebar. That’s because we’re a partner in Alleycat Acres’ second annual fundraiser ride, which leaves Seattle March 3 for a supported 70-mile ride to Auburn and back with lunch in the middle.

If you see the ad pop up, look for a registration code that will get you half-off the $30 registration fee. That’s $15 just for reading Seattle Bike Blog! Did any of your other favorite blogs give you $15 today? I didn’t think so…

Speaking of the ride, did you know you can donate to support my ride? To sweeten the deal, for $20+ I’ll write a poem about your bicycle. For $50+, I’ll write that poem and run it as an ad on the site for a month. Proceeds go to bike-loving urban agriculture. Plus, I need to make sure I raise more money than any other bloggers out there. Got bike cred to defend…

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