Today: Phinney Ridge/Greenwood neighborhood greenways meetup + SBAB meeting

Perhaps few neighborhoods in the city can benefit from neighborhood greenways as much as Greenwood. With large sections of the neighborhood famously missing sidewalks, a solid network of neighborhood greenways could do wonders for Greenwood residents who want to have a safe way to walk and bike to area destinations.

After all, greenways cost a fraction of what sidewalks cost, and the city’s current sidewalk funding level puts completion of Greenwood’s sidewalk network beyond any of our lifetimes. So, get involved and encourage your Greenwood/Phinney friends to go to the meeting and learn about what neighborhood greenways can do for them.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is hosting an informational meeting at 6 p.m. at the Greenwood Library.

From PhinneyWood:

This is an opportunity for our local neighborhood walking and biking experts to come together to learn what greenways are, meet one another, map out their favorite routes around the ridge and determine if and how they might want to contribute their expertise to this growing, citywide effort.

Many people say they would like to ride bikes and walk as part of their everyday errands, but also say they don’t feel safe doing so with the current bike infrastructure that mixes fast moving traffic with vulnerable users — children, seniors, families and other cautious people uncomfortable with the status quo of bike lanes and “sharrows” positioned on arterials.

An ideal solution to encouraging many more people to safely begin biking and walking for everyday transportation is the creation of an interconnected citywide network of Neighborhood Greenways — low volume, traffic calmed roads, typically one street off of arterials, connecting local destinations within neighborhoods and surrounding neighborhoods to each other. Greenways can incorporate water runoff treatments such as bio-swales and linear parks along with tree plantings to clean the air and water.

Also this evening, the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board is holding it’s monthly meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall. Their meetings are the first Wednesday of each month in room L280 (get there early, as the doors and elevators lock promptly at 6).

From SBAB:

SBAB’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, January 4, 2012, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Seattle City Hall’s Boards and Commissions Room L280.

Agenda items will include a briefing by Sound Transit staff on the North Link Northgate Station design, a presentation by SDOT on the 2012 Seattle online bicycle map, and an update from SDOT on plans for 2012 Bicycle Master Plan implementation.

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2 Responses to Today: Phinney Ridge/Greenwood neighborhood greenways meetup + SBAB meeting

  1. Al Dimond says:

    Yay! Phinneywood is sort of a big hole in the Interurban route (which is reasonably acceptable in one way from Mercer through where the street parking starts on Phinney, and reasonably acceptable in a different way north of 110th… it’). The Phinney/Greenwood bike lane is a narrow door-zone nightmare, and the Fremont Ave section is a crawl. If the neighborhood wants a north-south route in that corridor, it would also be a huge regional amenity.

    • Al Dimond says:

      (frickin tab key caused me to submit while editing… in those parentheses, I was intending to say, the Interurban trail is reasonably acceptable north of 110th, though some sections have really excessive looping and darting around).

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