Help the Bike Shack find a new space north of the Ship Canal – UPDATED

Photo from the Bike Shack

UPDATE: Jesse at the Bike Shack says some of the info we posted wasn’t meant for public consumption, and that we should plug their Brew Fest party fundraiser instead! Go to it February 18!

Edited story:

The Bike Shack could use a new shack.

Currently located in the University District (Ne 55th St and 9th Ave NE), the Bike Shack has been providing the tools and advice people need to get their bikes rolling. It’s a laid back, volunteer-run neighborhood resource.

The little non-profit shop has been looking for a new space. They are hoping to find a spot with the room they need for storing parts and working. Water and electricity a huge plus, of course.

If you know of any leads or have a space that might fit their needs, email [email protected]

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5 Responses to Help the Bike Shack find a new space north of the Ship Canal – UPDATED

  1. Gary says:

    One wonders if the center for wooden boats might have a bit of space in their new building. It would seem a reasonable fit.

  2. Geoff says:

    I’ve seen indoor spaces in Ballard for those prices on cl.

  3. Jesse says:

    Hey Tom,
    This info escaped us and wasn’t actually meant for public consumption. Could you take that guy down and perhaps replace it with something about our up-coming Brew Fest?


    The Bike Shack is having another brew fest February 18th!

    The Bike Shack is a volunteer-run and donation-funded bike shop that provides workshop space for people to learn about, fix, and build bikes. We take monetary donations to help us pay for rent (over 90% off monetary donations go to rent), small parts, greases, cleaners, and tools. We also take donations of parts and bikes that we fix and/or provide to others for donations

    The Bike Shack has held several homebrew fests previously as fundraisers; though we have been self-sustaining through the spring, summer, and early fall, donations do drop off in the winter time. Our previous fests were limited to 100 tickets apiece at $10 per ticket, with the event running from 7 PM to 1 AM or so (but not all 100 people were around for the whole time; I’d say the number of people at any one time ranged from 20 to 50). We ask people to bring their own cups to avoid dishwashing or throwing out plastic cups (we offer cups for additional donations at the event for those who don’t bring one).
    We invite people to bring potluck dishes, and we play music. Attendees can drink as much as they want of the homebrewed drinks. At the previous events we have also had homebrewed non-alcoholic drinks such as apple cider, kombucha, and soda.

    Homebrewers, who are Bike Shack supporters and their friends and acquaintances, are compensated for ingredients and materials. Hosts can be compensated for any expenses they incur, though we will try to bring the needed supplies.

    We’re open to negotiating variations in these arrangements (perhaps charging more and limiting ticket sales, or having the event at different times) if it works for everyone.

    Contact a Shack volunteer @ [email protected]) or the Brew Fest organizer Jesse personally 206.437.4450 with questions or for more info.

    Spread this message far and wide!

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