Bike News Roundup: One way to increase the number of bikes on the road…

You would think that as the sun sets earlier, there would be fewer interesting articles about bikes in the northern hemisphere. But not so! Here’s a roundup of some good stuff floating around the web this week.

To kick things off, here’s one way we could increase the number of bikes on the streets:


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  1. Doug Bostrom says:

    Bicycle driver killed in Kirkland this morning by an overgrown infant behind the wheel of a car:


    ‘”The bicylist was doing everything right and was well marked with lights and everything,” said Lt. Mike Murray, Kirkland police. “This seems to be an unfortunate accident.”‘

    No, it wasn’t an “unfortunate accident.” An “unfortunate accident” might describe this situation if the the automobile driver inadvertently found his steering wheel to have become detached from the vehicle, or something akin to that. No, this was a case of the drunk driver making bad luck for himself and the bicycle driver. Fortune had nothing to do with it.

  2. LWC says:

    Just a small critique: the news roundups on this site can be a bit overwhelming. I’d much rather see 2-3 news roundups a week with 8-10 headlines than one monster list each Thursday. Especially when there is this much going on in the cycling world. Not to try to give you more work to do or anything…
    By the way, Tom, thanks again for maintaining such a good source for cyclists in Seattle. I, for one, really appreciate what you’re doing here.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I get people who say they love the big list, others say it’s too much, others want several smaller ones throughout the week.

      The reason I don’t want to do several smaller ones is that too many posts would then not be directly about Seattle. In some ways, the news roundup is therapeutic for me because it gives me an excuse not to write posts about too many things that are not in Seattle (oh, I’ll just put this in the roundup!).

      Would it work better for you if I had two tiers of links? One smaller section of must-read stuff and the other that is interesting but not super pressing? Or I could highlight certain ones in bold or something to show that they are recommended.

      • LWC says:

        How about splitting the roundup into Seattle news and national news? A visual break in the list would be helpful, at least aesthetically :)

      • Andres says:

        I’m in the prefers-the-big-list camp. Thanks for compiling them! Categorization probably wouldn’t hurt, though.

  3. Gary says:

    This is perfect example of why “Effective Cycling” hates bike lanes. If this was not designated a bike lane, cars could drive a bit more to the right, and the right side tires would sweep this junk more to the right.

    Of course the other alternative is for cities to spend money and have a street sweeper come along this route and clean it up.

    • Al Dimond says:

      Surrey Downs has it good, only having leaves in the bike lanes. Snohomish County has all kinds of sharp, nasty junk in the lanes. And, in turn, Snohomish County’s bike lanes look clean compared to the ones in Silicon Valley, where I actually observed street sweepers sweeping debris into bike lanes. I lost a ton of tires back there…

  4. Gary says:

    Is KUOW, just for elite radio snobs? After they fired Cliff Mass, I stopped listening. Who cares what they broadcast anymore.

    I get my NPR (National Petroleum Radio) non-news out of Tacoma (KPLU) and my actual news from Belleuve College (KBCS)

  5. Gary says:

    If you’d like to let the Commissioner of NYC Transportation know how you feel about their bicycle program you can send them a message here:

    From the Brian Williams interview, it appears the Commissioner reads all the complaints that they get from the News papers. You might like to let them know their actions have reactions even out here on the Left Coast.

  6. Al Dimond says:

    I half want to make a silly comment about the robot cyclist steering too much with the wheel and not enough by lean… I’m not sure if the robot can lean, though. If it can lean, since it’s riding a fixie, it should be able to do a track stand!

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