Don your costume for tonight’s Midnight Mystery Ride

What’s the point of getting all dressed up for Halloween if you’re not going to show it off by biking around town? Well, luckily you have a couple chances to do just that, starting today.

The Midnight Mystery Ride meets at the Green Lake bleechers at 11:30 p.m. October 28. More details from the event page:

Kick off your awesome Halloween weekend in five easy steps:

1. Put on a super-sweet costume
2. Ride your bike to the Greenlake bleachers at 11:30 PM
3. Cheer on the Midnight Greenlake race – join in if you want to!
4. Ride about five easy miles to a super-secret location
5. Go crazy!

This month’s Critical Mass ride (leaves Westlake Park at 5:30 p.m. the last Friday of every month) is traditionally a costumed ride.

Also, Cascade Bicycle Club encourages you to bike to work in costume Monday. After all, nobody can see how clever you are if your costume is hidden inside a car.

Any other bikey Halloween stuff going on around town? Is your Halloween costume bike-related? I was thinking about going as a Foot Soldier in the War on Cars…

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