Bike News Roundup: Video from CicLAvia

Bike News Roundup time! Did I miss anything? Leave your links/thoughts in the comments.

Ciclavia – Oct 2011 from Priscilla Jimenez on Vimeo.

Pedestrian signals from around the world (my favorite is Majorca)

A Tennessee lawmaker who sponsored a controversial bill to allow handguns to be carried in bars was arrested Tuesday for driving under the influence and possessing a handgun while under the influence.” – This is not from the Onion.

Another town considers banning bicycles “for safety” – this time in Hull, Wisconsin. The law could require biking, running and walking groups to register their plans with the town beforehand, or they may just ban the activities altogether.

A man with a gunshot wound biked himself to the fire station near Franklin High School.

Using tandem bicycling to treat Parkinson’s Disease. In fact, “forced” exercise may be surprisingly beneficial to everyone.

Cascade is looking for a person, company or team to overhaul their website. Awesome gig. The RFP is posted online.

Lessons from a surprise bike town” – I wasn’t that surprised, Minneapolis has been investing in biking for a while now. Great to see it paying off.

Elly Blue on bicycling when you have your period.

On a redesigned segment of Columbus Ave in New York (with new parking-separated bike lane), car crashes are down 34 percent, and car crashes that cause injury are down 28 percent. Bicycle traffic is up 56 percent, and bicycling on the sidewalk is down 84 percent. However, a survey of road users found that most motorists do not think the road changes had improved safety for them.

Get 20 percent off bike lights from Bainbridge Island Cycle Shop and Classic Cycle (also on Bainbridge) Oct 22-30 with this coupon.

France just approved $30 billion in transit projects… FOR ONE CITY. Paris will get 100 miles of subway and 57 new stations, scheduled to begin opening by 2018. Wow. Why does this stuff take us so long here? Why are we spending billions on projects that do not have any light rail?

California Governor Jerry Brown just vetoed the state’s three-foot passing law citing some unintelligible reasoning about how it would be less safe to have passing vehicles slow to 15 mph if they are unable to give three feet (WTF?).

Husky Cycling is going on a ride with Mayor McGinn to thank him for his support for bicycling safety. Good luck keeping up, Mr. Mayor, I hear they are fast.

Speaking of riding fast, here’s an electronic jersey that displays your current speed on your back for all to see.

Texting while driving is even more dangerous than we previously thought, says a new study. It doubles your reaction time. It also does not matter whether you are reading or typing, the results were the same.

Grants put some work into the US Bicycle Route system. But hey, why are they all on the wrong side of the country?

A Detroit father biking with his kids in a trailer could face child endangerment charges after riding four car lengths the wrong way on a one-way street. He was riding on the sidewalk, but scaffolding blocked the way.

SNL introduces us to some prolific Internet commenters

Bike Portland calls GM on some ridiculous ads for college kids basically saying that bikes are stupid and cars are cool. GM apologized and pulled the ads. I think it’s a pretty good sign if car companies are actually starting to see bicycling as a threat.

This bicycle safety rap is sooooooooo bodacious (yeesh):

This is open thread.

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  1. merlin says:

    You missed the Undrive-a-Thon!
    Support Undriving!

  2. Frequent Reader says:

    That speed jersey is awesome. But if I wore one everyone would know that I go up some hills at a slug pace of 5-6mph :P

  3. Anthony says:

    The new path underneath the Ballard Bridge is coming along nicely. The one thing I am surprised about though is how narrow the road is at crossing the tracks. It looks even narrower than the redo of the infamous crossing down at the sand and gravel place.

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