Bicycle Benefits: Theo offers half-price chocolate for bicycling customers

This is the first in a new series featuring innovative Seattle businesses that offer Bicycle Benefits and help encourage the local bicycle economy. If your business offers Bicycle Benefits and would like to be featured, email [email protected].

For Theo Chocolate, encouraging customers and employees to bike to their Fremont chocolate factory fits with the company’s conscious outlook on life.

“Generally, Theo is a very mission-driven company, based on our beliefs that all life on the planet is interconnected,” said Audrey Lawrence, the sales and marketing manager at Theo.

As a Bicycle Benefits member, Theo’s factory showroom offers one half-price classic chocolate bar per visit to anyone with a Bicycle Benefits sticker. That means you can get a full-size organic, fairly-traded, locally-crafted chocolate bar for only about $2. But only if you bike.

Theo is also so interested in encouraging its employees to bicycle to work that the company created a bicycle committee to look for ways they can make it more appealing. When they noticed that employees were having a hard time finding covered bike parking on rainy days, they created a covered bike parking area that can fit about 25 bikes.

And it is paying off. On any given day, 12-20 of the factory’s 55 employees bike to their jobs, including Lawrence.

“It makes it a lot easier for people to bike all year round,” she said.

But beyond Theo’s mission and desire for healthy customers and employees, offering Bicycle Benefits simply makes business sense, said Lawrence. Here were a couple of her reasons:

  • It says something about your business’s values. It is important to consumers to support businesses with values in line with their own.
  • It’s cool to contemplate sub-groups of customers. Cyclists are quite engaged and well-aware of the different community support that is out there.
  • Theo has chosen to support the environment. For example, they use green energy as much as they can. They also support the use of bicycles.

But, of course, Theo would like to remind people bicycling that they have more to offer than just a good deal.

“Chocolate is an excellent pick-me-up for those long bike rides,” said Lawrence.

Bicycle Benefits is a program designed to support people who bike and bike-friendly businesses. Member businesses buy Bicycle Benefits stickers at discount and sell them to customers for $5. Once you have a sticker on your helmet, you can get deals from member businesses all around Seattle and in cities across the United States and Canada. Seattle Bike Blog is a local supporter of the program. To find more Bicycle Benefits partners or to sign your business up, visit the Bicycle Benefits website.

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7 Responses to Bicycle Benefits: Theo offers half-price chocolate for bicycling customers

  1. Andres says:

    You just made my wife’s day.

  2. Shane Phillips says:

    I actually went to a few bars near my place (Oddfellows and Liberty) asking them about this back in June and they had no idea what I was talking about. They thought it sounded like an interesting idea, but they seemed to genuinely be confused about how and when their businesses were listed and they certainly weren’t selling the stickers. How often does the guy running this business check up on things to ensure companies are continuing to participate? For me, after those two experiences caused me to kind of give up on the idea, and I stopped trying to find others that might actually be taking part in the program.

  3. This is good information and good news for me!

  4. Ian Klepetar says:

    I came into town to pick up where the guy who started the program here left off. I tried the best to update it to it’s current accuracy.. If there is a place that is listed that seems unaware of the program…please let me know. thanks for pedaling the streets of Seattle…ian
    [email protected]

  5. K says:

    What if I don’t like to put stickers on my helmet?

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