King County joins the CleanScapes/Bike Works partnership

Last year, CleanScapes started a partnership with Bike Works to save unwanted bikes from the dump. The garbage collection company instead began donating bikes they recovered from Seattle’s North and South Transfer Stations to Bike Works.

Now, King County has announced that it is joining the cause by collecting unwanted bikes and parts at the Shoreline Transfer Station and donating them to Bike Works, too.

Bike Works is such a magical organization. It even has the power to turn trash into freedom! (though, of course, it needs the help of volunteers like you to make it all happen)

From King County:

Unwanted bicycles and old bike parts that might normally end up in the scrap metal bin can now have a second life, thanks to a new partnership between King County, Bike Works and CleanScapes.

In an effort to increase recycling and reduce waste, King County is collecting unwanted bicycles and parts at its Shoreline Recycling and Transfer Station and delivering them to Bike Works, where they are refurbished for repair and reuse. CleanScapes provides the recycling bin and hauls the collected materials to Bike Works. There is no cost to drop off these items at the County’s Shoreline facility.

“This program helps us move closer to our goal of zero waste of resources,” said Kevin Kiernan, Director of the Solid Waste Division with the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. “Reusing and recycling these valuable materials gives us more space in our landfill for the things that need to be there.”

More information on all of the recycling opportunities available at Shoreline can be found at

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2 Responses to King County joins the CleanScapes/Bike Works partnership

  1. Gary says:

    I hope that goodwill and the other used stuff collection agencies also send their bicycles which don’t sell or are in too bad shape to put out to BikeWorks. While many old bikes made of junk tubing deserve the big smelter in the sky their are often usable parts on them. Glad to see that some group is looking at them to scavenge the good from the junk.

  2. Donna Sakson says:

    Awesome job Bike Works! Thanks for helping to save and spread the bike love.

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