Rides to Moving Planet will start from all over the city Saturday

Before the Safe Streets Social Saturday, South Lake Union Park will be taken over by folks dedicated to moving beyond fossils fuels.

Moving Planet will take place all over the world, and the Seattle event will go all day in South Lake Union Park. The lineup includes a line-up of workshops, activities and speakers. There’s a rally at 2 p.m. and a big photo shoot for 350.org at 3.

To get people in the “moving beyond fossil fuels” mood, bike rides starting from many points of the city will converge on the park Saturday morning. Here’s a list of known rides starting in a neighborhood near you:

*Allyson Welsh and Albert Meerscheidt leave Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park at 9:45 am. Because it is such a short ride, the group may circle the lake before stopping at Moving Planet Seattle. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16442

*Jim Mathieu and Al Miller lead from Bryant Park across the street from the View Ridge PCC at 10:15am. They intend to meet the group from Wallingford at Gas Works Park around 11:15AM. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16439

*Sander Lazer leads from Ravenna’s Cowen Park Grocery, 1217 NE Ravenna Blvd 10:30AM. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16212

*Davey Oil is leading a ride from Bike Works from their Columbia City location at 3709 S Ferdinand. Leaving 10:30AM sharp!

*Stu Hennessey and John Reardon lead from Alki Bike & Board 2606 California Ave SW in West Seattle at 10:30AM. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16425

*Marge and Ron Evans lead from Jack Block Park in West Seattle at 11AM. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16333

*Michael Snyderleads from Ballard Commons Park at 22nd & 57th at 11AM. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16431

*Cathy Tuttle and Cindy Riskin, assisted by Cascade Ambassador Robin Randels leave WallingfordCenter at 45th and Wallingford Ave N at 11AM. We stop at Gas Works Park at 11:15-11:30 to meet other bike groups including the E-Bike Network Ride with Larry Gales and Seattle Electric Bike Co. http://www.cascade.org/EandR/Activities_Calendar_RDetail.cfm?eventID=16431

Here are some of the fun bike-related posters created for the event:

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