Friends hold beautiful memorial for Brian Fairbrother

Many wearing orange, his favorite color, a group of people who loved Brian Fairbrother gathered together to hold a memorial for him September 13. Laughter mixed with tears as people remembered a man whose life touched so many others.

The memorial started at Espresso Vivace in South Lake Union, where everyone walked together to the staircase on Fairview Ave N where Brian crashed while riding his bike August 30. He passed away nine days later.

On the walk, the group stretched two blocks.

Many who carried flowers with them on the walk put them between the spokes of the ghost bike memorial previously installed near the staircase where he crashed.

Someone has painted markings on the sidewalk showing people riding bikes where to ride. It is still not known what led to his crash, but there was previously no signage directing people where to ride. The Seattle Times reports that the city is looking into permanent signage.

Friends spoke about Brian’s life and what he meant to them.

"He had such a huge family. He loved so many people."

Friends and coworkers signed a sidewalk chalk “trouble ticket,” an homage to his many years as a central figure, barista and general manager at Espresso Vivace.

"The fridge is leaking."

People then met up in Volunteer Park for a picnic. See Capitol Hill Seattle and the SunBreak for more photos from the memorial.

RIP, Brian.

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5 Responses to Friends hold beautiful memorial for Brian Fairbrother

  1. Kevin says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh so that’s where he died. I almost rode down those the first time I explored safer alternatives to Fairview. That orange paint looks amazing but the sidewalk itself needs some kind of a barrier like the seawall in Stanley Park has by the kids water park facing North Van or 3rd beach.

    Sorry I couldn’t find a larger photo. But it’s the same pattern as a single sided crossing gate at a train track. Only an advanced rider can make the tight turn to thread thru.

    Yeah I can’t believe how that sidewalk just drops down to the dock instead of staying “up” at bridge level. Someone might even be able to get the city sued. The sidewalk along the SLUT is the SDOT Bicycle Detour route. Even though the SLUT stop there has a low overhang that can hit a cyclist in the head. Well that gets cyclists into the mindset of the sidewalk being the safe alternative for trolly tracks. Except it drops away.

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