Bike News Roundup: Bolivia’s ‘Day of the Pedestrian’

Bike News Roundup time! Hot off the Internet, here’s some stuff about bikes from around the world. As always, this is an open thread. So feel free to share any links I missed or thoughts you have.

Bolivia took their world-famous ciclovias to the next level with their nation-wide “Day of the Pedestrian.” For one day, motor vehicle access was restricted in nine of the nation’s most important cities.

Looks like we’ll get a little test of life without the viaduct for one week starting October 21.

When the people want bike infrastructure, but the government is timid or reluctant, what do we do?” What a fantastic question!

Did you know that your child and your cat are covered in benzene and chlorine for no reason?

Gregory Ruply — the man who struck and killed Mitchell Hollon in Charleston, SC, in July — has been issued a $113 ticket and did not even need to appear in court.

A Cairo environmentalist proposes that the city rename its toxic black cloud of motor pollution “car flu.”

Left temporarily without a personal bike, Denver Local demonstrates how handy B-Cycle (the city’s bike share system) is.

Bike sharing leads to more bike buying.

A good overview for tourists of bike share systems around the world.

One take on how bicycle advocates got the Israeli government to revise the nation’s all-ages helmet law.

Bike Portland looks at how to improve bike safety near streetcar tracks.

As inflation increases, the nation’s gas tax becomes even more inadequate.

Lance Oyler lost his job, so the Seattle man created a cycling jersey that makes it look like your butt crack’s hanging out.

On a sad note too close to home, David Donald Moore of Ephrata was killed Friday on a road north of Mattawa in central Washington. He was struck from behind by Rodney T. Deaton, 27, of Benton City while trying to make a left turn. No charges are anticipated, says the Yakima Herald. We will have more of a story when we learn more, but I wanted to get this news out there.

On a much less sad, note: A bike with a USB port.

Dan Savage has some mean words for people who think Seattle is waging a “war on cars.” He also calls car drivers wellfare queens.

Out of school and without a job, Lowell Smoger went looking on his bike (and 5,000 miles later, he met Josh at The Bicycle Story).

Tell your friends in Oklahoma to tell Tom Coburn to knock it off. He’s trying to block all federal funds for walking and biking.

44 percent of Britons think they “own” the parking spots in front of their homes (and 4 percent have had an argument with a neighbor over parking in the past year).


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