Bike News Roundup: Biking while big

Thursday Bike News Roundup time! As always, threat these roundups like open threads.

Roll On, Oregon from Bicycle Transportation Alliance on Vimeo.

Hey Midwest transplants, check out this John Deere cargo bike.

Tour de Flannel 2011 is October 2!!!!!!

Will the campaign for the vehicle license fee unite enviros divided by the tunnel debate?

No offense, Seattle, but your streets suck, apparently.

Our city is a stunning place to ride.

A person bicycling was killed in Portland. It marked the first fatal bike crash in Portland since 2009.

Speaking of Portland, THEY’RE GETTING A BIKE SHARE SYSTEM. Come on, Seattle, we gotta make some serious investments to stay in this game.

Speaking of PDX’s bike share, it’s got a social equality goal.

Elly Blue wrote a fantastic story about biking while big for Grist (see also her follow-up on her blog). If you think biking should be all about losing weight, you should definitely read her stories. Just like everyone else, biking while big is about freedom, health and fun.

A Bellevue man pulled a gun on his neighbor after his neighbor parking in his parking spot. He then proceeded to have a six-hour standoff with police before giving himself up.

A woman from Zimbabwe describes the liberation of riding a bicycle there.

The Seattle Bike Commuter goes to Copenhagen (and is surprised how slow everyone rides).

This bridge is pretty cool.

Here’s one way to do public commentary (from the Vehicle License Fee hearing):

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7 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Biking while big

  1. Gary says:

    I love that video:
    “The Jet pack is here… and it’s a bicycle!”

    And all these years I never knew.

  2. Al Dimond says:

    Re Copenhagen and slowness: I bet they have much shorter commutes than we do. When I had a 4-mile commute I only rode fast if I felt like it. Currently I have 9 miles with a bus ride in the middle. So I ride fast all the time. Not that there’s any risk of bike congestion between the Park and Ride and my office…

    So distance is a real enemy of our friendly, inclusive bike culture.

    • Gary says:

      I heard/read somewhere that the average bicycle commute is only 15 minutes or 2 miles. So yes a compact city makes a huge difference in whether you bicycle or not.

  3. Charlie says:

    I want to know what O’Brien said to Harrell (?) right after that comment.

  4. Charlie says:

    In the spirit of an open thread, someone needs to develop this for Seattle!

  5. Gary says:

    Oh, here’s another link to the Portland bike Sharing project.

  6. Catherine says:

    Are helmet laws, hills, and rain really holding Seattle back from a Bike Share program?

    I hope not. For all the people who do ride here with regularity, seems like those factors are not deterrents and shouldn’t be for even the most casual rider.

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