Bike News Roundup: Tell me what a ‘war on cars’ looks like…

This is what a “war on cars” looks like:

Well, except that they shouldn’t have been parking in the bike lane. Entitled bastards. Next time you get upset about the city raising parking rates, be glad Mayor McGinn doesn’t just crush your illegally-parked rides with a tank like the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania.

And thus, the Thursday roundup of bike news from around the city and around the world begins. This is an open thread. Feel free to post about whatever is on your two-wheeled brain in the comments after the roundup.

The Federal Transportation Administration is also critical of the planned deep bore tunnel. They also call the plan out for lying about transit.

Car-free life is a lot harder in a food desert.

At what point does a bike become a “real” vehicle, asks KOMO. Also, what is Seattle Pulp?

Toronto’s anti-bike mayor is meeting resistance from the scores or people who use the city’s bike lanes every day to get where they are going safely.

Owning a car is like having a second mortgage, finds Grist.

“This is the third time in the last year a Volusia County beach employee has run over a sunbather.” … STOP DRIVING ON THE BEACH!!!!

Remember Bend, Oregon’s awesome bier bike? Well it’s still rolling around town, forging new territory in the state’s liquor laws. I have heard of plans to get a bier bike in Seattle, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy… (oops).

Copenhagen has installed rails with the sole purpose of giving people riding bikes a place to rest their feet at stoplights. I would be happy if we just had a safe place to ride…

NYC cop doors person riding a bike. Then his coworkers demand to know if the person riding was on drugs.

In case you missed it, a fund has been set up for the family of Mike Wang, who was killed while riding on Dexter last week. SPD is seeking help finding the person responsible.

Will the First Hill Streetcar be dangerous for this senior community in the International District?

Vancouver, BC, mayor Gregor Robertson may take a political hit for installing forward-thinking separated cycle tracks.

Speaking of bike-friendly mayors in the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams will not run for reelection.

Sound Transit is installing 46 new bike lockers near Columbia City Station. That station has been plagued with bike thefts.

Did you know you can rent a radar gun from the city to track speeding on your street? Gives you a head start if you want a traffic calming device installed.

MVB at the SunBreak responds to a column in the Seattle Weekly attacking the mayor for pothole payouts on his watch. Though the Weekly’s Curtis Cartier tries to pin the problem on McGinn, the mayor’s office points out that more potholes were filled in 2011 (so far) than in 2009 and 2010 combined. In not sure what the Weekly would have the mayor do to fix the situation. Considering he has tripled the pothole repair rate and launched a new online pothole reporting tool, I’d say he’s doing about as much as a mayor could do, especially amid budget cuts. Oh, also, he endorsed the $80 vehicle license fee, much of which will go to repairing roads. So unless he has been out taking a jackhammer to our streets, I don’t really see how the potholes are his fault.

Nice Ride MN: Minnesota’s Bike Share Expands from Streetfilms on Vimeo.
The Phenomenal Success of Capital Bikeshare from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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  1. Kevin Carrabine says:

    Thanks Tom for this great digest of articles. Hours could be spent diving into the issues that each of these links raises. I love your site!

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Well, there’s plenty of room in the comments… haha.

      Personally, I am little concerned about the potential weakness of the Pacific Northwest’s three bike-friendly mayors. Of course it’s too early to know who will come about as candidates, but I liked it better when all the mayors liked bikes a lot and everyone liked them (did that ever happen?)…

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