People who attacked man cycling NW of Mt Rainier charged with assault

Early this month, Ron Wingerson was riding his bike on a road near South Prairie, northwest of Mt Rainier Park, when a car full of young people came up behind him. Suspects in the car yelled at him and one of them pushed him, sending him flying to the pavement. The 71-year-old broke six ribs and fractured his pelvis in the fall.

With the help of a witness, police were able to find the suspects and have charged three people with assault.

From the News Tribune:

Pierce County sheriff’s detectives tracked the sedan used in the July 2 attack to 20-year-old Kendall Leigh Williams, who initially denied involvement but eventually admitted her boyfriend and a friend might have been responsible.

She told detectives Cory Shawn Romero, 21, and Kyle Adams Baker, 20, were in her car and yelling obscenities at the bicyclist.

They made physical contact with the man, though she did not see the bicyclist fall, according to charging documents. The rider, Ron Wingerson, suffered six broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and multiple abrasions.

The trio has been charged with second-degree assault. Conviction of the charge carries a sentence of three to nine months in prison if there are no prior convictions.

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4 Responses to People who attacked man cycling NW of Mt Rainier charged with assault

  1. Steve A says:

    Considering I know a guy who served nearly a month for the crime of riding his bike on the road, even the maximum penalty sounds inadequate…

  2. Double D says:

    Just sickening, especially because of the victim’s age. Where is the America that contained people who believe in looking out for their countrymen? Another us vs. them crime. Why not just go bash some mailboxes instead?

  3. Jake Wegmann says:

    Every once in awhile, bullies and cowards get what’s coming to them. Good job police and witnesses.

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