Art show to celebrate 15 years of Dead Baby Bikes

Leading up to the infamous Dead Baby Downhill, an art show at Vecta Photo will showcase bikes and art from the club’s fifteen years in Seattle. According to Go Means Go:

This will be a multimedia gallery exhibit including club bikes, memorabilia, photo’s, sticker’s, race art, film and tallbike jousting.

If you are unfamiliar with the Dead Baby Downhill, check out our roundup from last year’s event. Dead Baby XV is scheduled for August 5.

Speaking of Go Means Go, check out the results from Saturday’s Tour de Watertower. My legs hurt just looking at those times.

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5 Responses to Art show to celebrate 15 years of Dead Baby Bikes

  1. eldan says:

    Any information on opening hours?

  2. We’ll be opening Friday at 6pm and going until… whenever.

    Thanks for the post, Tom!

  3. Tyler says:

    where is the starting location for the race? and where is the party taking place

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