1% for Art to fund $80,000 project along Burke-Gilman Trail

The city is seeking artists for an $80,000 permanent art project along the Burke-Gilman near View Ridge. The project will be funded by SDOT’s 1% for Art funds.

The project will go on the strange split-level section of the trail east of 40th Ave where the trail divides into two skinny, one-way segments. Artists interested in applying must do so by 11 p.m. August 1.

Here’s a map of the estimated project area:

From the city’s call for artists:

The selected artist will create a durable, permanent, outdoor artwork for two to five select locations along the trail. Potential artwork locations are identified on the attached map. The multi-site art installation will function as one artwork in which the various parts will combine to create a larger vision, and each part will also enliven its immediate space. The artwork will serve to identify the trail as a connective conduit of the city and should add an element of discovery to peoples’ experience of the trail. The selected artist must use the split section of the trail east of 40th Avenue East as a portion of the overall artwork. The artist will need to consider the many users of the trail, including cyclists and pedestrians, commuters and people out for a leisurely outing. People will encounter the artwork while moving at different speeds or pausing for a break along the trail. The artwork should be responsive to these circumstances in order to not increase the risk of accidents.

The artist will coordinate with staff in SDOT, Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks), and the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs in the selection of sites and development of the artwork. The artwork will be reviewed on the basis of safety and maintenance issues that relate to the site of the urban trail. The artist will also meet with community representatives during the development of the project.

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6 Responses to 1% for Art to fund $80,000 project along Burke-Gilman Trail

  1. gcm says:

    Funny, I’d think under the Ballard bridge would be a great place for some art. Specifically some art on the ground in the form of pavement over the train tracks. The piece could be called ‘Wheels’ and cause us to think about the interaction between different modes of transportation.

    • biliruben says:

      …or on top of the Ballard bridge. Blood spatter all along that 18″ rail of death, splashing into the general purpose lane.

      Seriously, I am guessing they have an artist/concept in mind for this, given the specificity of the location. Perhaps some sort of musical art, that plays a song as you ride by. If it’s visual, it’s a dangerously narrow spot to be distracted.

  2. michaela says:

    So, wait. Let me get this straight… They’re going to place a highly distracting piece of art in a location where the trail is maybe 3 feet wide??? Ruh-roh.

  3. me you says:

    I really dig the art on the interurban starting at 110th

  4. Alison says:

    Such a fantastic idea. There is a lot of graffiti on that part of the trail and it is always getting painted over, giving the artists a blank canvas yet again. A permanent mural is a much smarter solution!

  5. Todd Holman says:

    My first thought was what a waste of money. But then the city is by law supposed to spend X amount of dollars on art and let’s be honest… good art is a good thing. After riding through this section again — envisioning what sorts of cool things could go there — I think this is a great idea!

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