On the third day, He rode His cargo bike – UPDATED

Whether you celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead, want to hold a feast in honor of the goddess Ēostre or just want to ride a bike, you are invited to join in on a slow cargo bike ride this Sunday. No cargo bike necessary.

From Ride Your Bike:

We will meet at the Olympic Sculpture Garden by the Father and Son Fountain (corner of Broad Street and Alaskan Way)
Cargo Bike Ride (aka Picnic Ride) custom is meet at Noon, Leave at 1 PM SHARP!

Destination: Gaswork’s Park
Gasworks has a nice covered area with uncovered BBQ grills.

Here are some nice pics of basically same ride a few years back. HERE

To catch up with the unruly mob of cargobikers at any time call:
Official Seattle Cargo Bike Hotline (206) 290-8737

Cargo bike rides are always family oriented. Bring your own plates, utensils, cups. Leave no trace! While there will be plenty of cargo bikes, this ride is for everyone. Cargo bikes travel SLOWLY! (8-10 MPH) and we stay together.

UPDATE: How could I forget about another loosely-Easter-themed bike event this weekend: Resurrection IV. Register at 2 p.m. Saturday at Cal Anderson Park. Alleycat race starts at 3. Check out this awesome poster:

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