Hub and Bespoke screening ‘2 Seconds’ tonight

Hub and Bespoke is screening the 1998 French Canadian biking film “2 Seconds” tonight (April 21) at 7 p.m. at their shop in Fremont (513 N 36th St).

The film is about a woman who goes from being a downhill racer to being an urban courier.

You can brink your own drinks and snacks.

Here’s the trailer:

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2 Responses to Hub and Bespoke screening ‘2 Seconds’ tonight

  1. Kevin says:

    Boo, missed it. Wish I had more warning!

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. I thought I wrote about this a bit ago, then realized that I had only thought about writing it. I typically try to give between 1-7 days of notice on events when possible/appropriate.

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